About me

GearHunts Mission

My first and foremost mission is providing unbiased gear reviews, share useful tips and outstanding guides for all people engaged in hiking, backpacking, hunting and outdoor.

I hope that my guides and reviews help you to make your hobby easier, enjoyable and safer. From time to time, I create my guides with my husband Eugene who has the same passions as mine (and he super passionate about hunting:).

Who am I?

Anastasia Bennett

Yes, it’s me:) My name is Anastasia Bennett, and I’m the girl behind GearHunts. I grew up in Ukraine (and still visit my homeland from time to time) in an outdoorsy family, so I spent a LOT of my childhood on hiking, backpacking, and traveling.

For now, I’m living in Boise, the Gem State. As I spent a lot of time on hiking, I’ve decided to run this website and share my personal experience and knowledge, as well as husband’s hunting tips&tricks.

Places I visited

Here is the list of some places I’ve already visited:

  1. The Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine and Romania;
  2. Greater Caucasus, Mount Elbrus, Russia and Georgia;
  3. The Rocky Mountains, Idaho;
  4. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.