Best Shooting Sticks

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If you are a hunter, then your main goal is to make an accurate shot. The best shooting sticks are considered to be a real find. These devices allow you to shoot straight, even in long distances, and hit the target. It is advantageous to buy the best shooting stick for a weapon, and there is a wide choice of them available today. In addition to clear shots, the best shooting sticks will be able to help you with high-quality care and simplify its maintenance. The best shooting sticks provide cooling and adjustment of the sight mounted on a solid surface.

Initially, the best shooting sticks appear to maintain the weight of heavy weapons. Over time, the need for this disappeared as lighter muskets and guns appeared for sale. However, in the 20th century, these devices appeared as part of a sniper rifle, a sporting rifle, a light machine gun, and a machine gun. Now, they have a special design to increase their stability when shooting.

  Today, the best shooting sticks of various designs are important and integral devices for shooting. Professional hunters can’t go out without them. They provide an opportunity for a more accurate hit because it is quite problematic to achieve good shooting from the hands. Support is required so that the hand does not flinch at the wrong moment.

In such situations, hunters and archers adapt the materials at hand. However, designers of high-tech equipment offer special sticks for weapons, which have high quality and technical capabilities. So, if you need such a product, learn how to choose the best sticks that are available on the market.

The best shooting sticks for hunting can have different functions, depending on the brand and manufacturer. Sometimes, it may be too difficult to choose the variant that is most suitable for your needs. To simplify this choice, we’ve researched and chosen the TOP 5 products that definitely deserve your special attention. So, check out the rating below of the top-selling shooting stick reviews with all the important characteristics.

TOP 5 Best Shooting Sticks:

BOG DeathGrip Tripod
Vanguard Quest T62U Shooting Stick
Primos Trigger Stick GEN3 Jim Shockey Tail Tripod
Primos Pole Cat Monopod
Caldwell Camo XLA Pivot Bipod



There are three types of shooting sticks today: monopod, bipod, and tripod. The distinctive features of all products lie in the design itself, as well as in their weight. Let’s consider all of them in detail.


A tripod for shooting has the most stable design and is considered to be a model of excellence among all the auxiliary devices. Tripod shooting sticks are easily assembled, and their telescopic legs allow hunters to create the necessary height for firing, so firing can be done from various positions. They include lying, sitting, and standing. At the same time, this construction looks heavy and has a solid weight.


A monopod is a special shooting stick with one leg; a bipod is a support device with two legs that differs in the simplicity of design and convenience. With a monopod, it is quite difficult to get a clear shot, especially for the beginner. Its main advantage over the previous model is small weight. So, it is an ideal alternative to take with you on long-distance hunting and traveling.


A bipod is a supporting construction with two legs, which is famous for its simple design and excellent stability. This shooting stick is more stable than a monopod but less stable than a tripod. At the same time, its weight is not so heavy. Experienced hunters advise reducing the height of the monopod or bipod to the lowest possible, which will make the construction more stable, but the view will also suffer in this case. Therefore, those who once tried to shoot with a single or biped tripod often buy a tripod. It certainly won’t “walk” in different directions.


Shooting sticks were developed to simplify the work of a shooter. It’s not a secret that each hunter is dreaming about the easiest way to hit the target. For this purpose, it is necessary to make the right choice between the best shooting sticks. It can be confusing due to the great number of models on the market today, but if you follow the recommendations below, you will own the most suitable device. There are five main things to consider.

Type of Shooting Stick

You already know that there are three main types of shooting sticks for sale. All of them vary in construction, size, and weight. The most widely used variant is a tripod as it is stable. If you are planning to hunt for long distances, it would be better to choose a bipod as it is not so heavy to carry.

Construction Material

The construction material is very important. Most of the best shooting sticks today are developed from aluminum or special carbon fiber. The models made of carbon fiber are lightweight, but their aluminum competitors are more stable and have a longer service life. To sum it up, the best one should have a durable and compact build construction.


Carriages or yokes also make sense. They differ by design and by shape. Most of them can rotate at 360 degrees for a more precise aim. Carriages are also needed as they allow firing in various directions without changing the position of the device. The one you choose needs to be flexible enough.


The legs should be stable and can withstand heavyweight. Low-quality shooting sticks may go down after you make a shot. This happens because the legs lack strength. In addition, pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the legs. If they are adaptable, then you will be able to fire from various heights.


The best shooting sticks are developed for shooting outdoors. The weight and size of the sticks are the most important parameters. If you are planning to shoot from one spot – you could choose a heavy model. If you’re going to change the location several times, choose a stick that is easier to carry. Moreover, all the chosen models should be easy to assemble.


How Do Shooting Sticks Work?

There are several models of shooting stick, and all of them add stability and increase the effectiveness of the hunter’s shooting. To use them properly, you shouldn’t be in a rush. First, install the device on solid ground and set up the necessary height. If it is done in the right manner, your elbows should be in front of your knees. The muzzle elevation can be adjusted by shifting your body here and there. Only after that should you make a shot.

How to Build Shooting Sticks?

It is possible to build your own shooting stick that will be less expensive. To do this, you need at least 2 dowels, 1 carriage bolt, 1 wingnut, and some finish paint. Among the tools, you will need a drill and a pencil.

  • Define the length of the construction, keeping in mind the accurate shooting position.
  • Take a drill and make holes at the same place in each dowel.
  • Connect the dowels with a bolt and a wingnut.
  • Paint your self-made shooting stick.
  • Check how it works when you’re hunting.

How to Carry Shooting Sticks?

Professional hunters recommend carrying shooting sticks for hunting in your hands, but some of them also use these devices like walking sticks for better balance, slung across the back or hang over the belt. It all depends on the weight of the construction and its type. Many variants are possible.


Now it’s time, to sum up and explain why the BOG DeathGrip Tripod is considered to be the best shooting stick in 2023. Hunters prefer this model mostly because it is the most effective and helps to achieve the required accuracy. The manufacturer of these shooting sticks is a world-famous company that holds the highest position thanks to its products. The best shooting sticks we reviewed are very stable and easily portable to any distance. The design of these shooting sticks should be really innovative and fit various types of weapons. So, if you are choosing a lightweight and high-quality model, you won’t go wrong if you choose the Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod shooting stick.