Best Ways to Store Guns Without a Safe

Let’s face it, those days when you could walk around freely without having to fear for your safety and that of your loved ones are long gone now. The sad reality of today is that you are no longer safe, […]

How to Build a Portable Reloading Bench?

When it comes to portable reloading bench, less is more. Of course, you could build an over-engineered, highly complex reloading bench, but you’ll be surprised to find out that a simple design could achieve even better results. With some time, […]

What Might Cause A Shotgun To Explode?

Many people owning this weapon often wonder –  what might cause a shotgun to explode?  And that’s not surprising – once you hear about at least one shotgun blow up situation, you begin to wonder – how did this happen, […]

Finding the Best Bullet Puller in 2021

Reloading ammunition is highly repetitive work that demands complete focus and attention. However, when you reload thousands of times, a mistake is bound to happen. You can easily get distracted during the process and forget to check if the primer […]

What Does ACP Stand for?

We’ve had a bunch of discussions with our friends about guns. Many of them, as you can imagine, are totally against them, while others think they should be allowed as long as you know how to use them and don’t […]

Striker Fired Vs Hammer Fired Weapons Comparison

If you’re in the market for a new firearm, there are many pros and cons of a gun you consider. Many models seem very similar, and sometimes you can choose between two similar options, thinking that there’s not much difference. […]

Most Powerful Rifles: What Are They?

most powerful rifles

Rifles are becoming popular for their versatility and accuracy. They are also powerful and that is why they are used by the military and hunters alike. And the United States has been home to some of the most powerful firearms […]

A Guide to Guns Used in John Wick

john wick weapon

John Wick is an action-movie franchise that has gathered lots of loyal fans. The three films showcase awesome actors, cool cars, and of course, lots of powerful guns. Imagine what it would feel to own the massive arsenal of John […]