How to Waterproof a Tent | Expert Advice

how to waterproof a tent

What are your plans this coming weekend? If you have a scheduled activity, that’s fine. Well, the weather this coming weekend will be excellent for outdoor activity (or maybe not – so that’s why we’re talking here about how to […]

Animal Tracking: The Ultimate Guide and 20+ Photos


The art of successfully identifying animal footprints and animal tracks in snow and mud has been prevalent since our forefathers’ time. It was one of the principal ways the prehistoric hunter and gatherer sourced his food. This ancient practice is […]

Backpack Weight πŸŽ’: How Much Should My Backpack Weigh?

reduce backpack weigh

Many individuals (especially all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts) have encountered questions like β€œwhat should be your ideal backpack weight?” There are many different factors that one need to go into when it comes to determining how much should your backpack […]