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Nothing can be better than unity with nature. That’s why we eagerly leave our fussy, dirty cities and guide our footsteps towards nature. Tent camping is a good way to escape from our daily routine and plunge into the relaxing atmosphere while observing beautiful outdoor landscapes. But you should thoroughly plan your outdoors trip, using some camping tips, providing yourself with the needed equipment, and buying all the necessary stuff to make your rest unforgettable.

We’ve prepared for you some tips on how camping can be organized to enrich your ideal summer leisure.


Think about your shelter during your tourist trip. “Nothing can be simpler than to set up a tent,” you may think. However, we recommend you to practice doing this at home before going camping.

Even if you are an avid camper and set up a tent a hundred times, it’s better not to take a risk and practice setting it up in your living room or at the backyard. You must be sure that everything will be all right, and you won’t be without shelter at night in the woods. Use tent camping tips to obtain a safe night shelter when going camping.

#Select a Campsite

Choose a campsite in advance. You must clearly understand where you are going and where you will sleep after sunset. It’s not a really good idea to search for an overnight stop in the twilight.

#Choose the Best Shelter for Your Needs

As it was said before, it’s better to set up a tent before dark. If you don’t know how to make tent camping comfortable, use our camping tricks. Choose a flat, dry place in the forest without old, dry, and big trees. A sudden wind can fell such trees down.

Inspect the ground at the selected location. It mustn’t be damp. There must be no stumps, stones, and roots sticking out of the ground. Clear out the place; remove all the sticks and stones, cut off the grass. You can cover the place where the tent will be set up with spruce branches. These are the tips to sleep warm when camping provides you with a more comfortable night’s sleep.

#Dial in Your Sleep System

We go camping to have a rest from our modern life with all its gadgets and pieces of equipment. But some of them are really needed, especially if we need to get some tips for saving battery when camping or when we are talking about getting a good night sleep in the forest. Thus, we can’t refuse some modern equipment.

An ordinary sleep system consists of a sleeping platform and a sleeping bag. Sleep platforms, in turn, encompass sleeping pads, air mattresses, cots, and hammocks. Choose what you like the most and enjoy your good night sleep.

#Camping Tips for Creating the Perfect Campsite and Shelter

It seems to be hard to arrange a perfect campsite but is it really so? Using some helpful tent camping tips, you will manage to create a perfect “home” away from your home. Be mindful to use our fun camping tips for when it rains to know what to bring camping in a tent. You can play cards and board games, for example, not to get bored during the rainy weather.


You must consider wind direction and rules of protection when making your campfire. The best option will be acquiring a camping stove to enjoy delicious food during your trip. Choose the Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range. This is a wonderful stove suitable both for tourist journeys and for applying it at the backyard of your home.

#Know Your Burn Rate

How to reckon up the right amount of combustible needed during your trip? Here are some tips to manage the heat when camping. First of all, it depends on the number of people going on the trip and the number of hot meals and drinks you require. Calculate the amount of fuel your stove requires to heat one liter of water. Then reckon up the total ounces of fuel you will require. Use Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven and Stove, for example. This oven is very powerful and sturdy. Two powerful burners can be controlled with one propane gas cylinder. Such cylinder enables to cook continuously for 5 hours.

#Use These 5 Essential Tools

Campfire is one of the most important things that should be done during camping. If you are an inexperienced camper, follow these simple camping tips for beginners. To maintain the flame, you will require seasoned wood which can be found in the forest easily. Tinder is also an important component for keeping the fire going. Acquire it from dry grass which is also available in the forest. However, you must also have some tools for having a good campfire:

  • A transportable grill is very helpful because it provides you with food. Use Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE or Coleman Perfect Flow Grill Stove to get tasty food.
  • Cotton balls. It’s a great way of increasing the flame especially combined with Vaseline. Immerse the cotton balls into Vaseline for better burning.
  • Camping firewood will help you to sustain the fire.
  • Camping ax is an indispensable tool for camping.
  • Campfire starter will be helpful for you to start a campfire.

#Learn to Start a Fire Effortlessly

First of all, find a safe area for making the fire. Then collect some firewood. Arrange your firewood in the form of a wigwam, placing the tinder in the middle. Start a campfire by lighting the tinder in the center of “wigwam”. Maintain it constantly.

#Practice Fire Safety with Kids

Accustom your children to follow to fire safety rules. Teach them not to approach too close to the fire. Tell them that fire is not the right place for playing. Don’t hurl anything into the fire to prevent injuries. Teach them what to do if you catch on fire: first of all, stop, fall on the ground, and roll.

#Camping Tips for Building a Perfect Campfire:

Using these tips for car camping when it is cold, you will arrange your leisure comfortably.

  • Remember that dry woods always burn better.
  • Always keep a bucket of water close to you to extinguish the fire.
  • Before going to bed, make sure that the fire has gone out.


Camping is not the reason for refusing nourishing and tasty food. Choose a convenient camping stove to be always satiated. Choose Deluxe Portable Gas Butane Stove, for example. It’s quite compact and quite cheap.

#Plan a Killer Camping Menu

Here are some food ideas for tourists. A camping lunch can consist of bread and crackers, salads, fresh fruits, and vegetables, etc. Some ideas for supper are pasta, fish, potatoes, cheese, chops, and so on.

#Select the Proper Cookware

Acquire a camping cookware set that includes everything you need for cooking and eating. Pay attention to size and material. It mustn’t weigh a lot, but it must be quite capacious, and the material it’s made of must be sturdy.

#Prep Meals at Home

To save time, we recommend you take some food from home. You can make a chicken at home and pack it in a plastic container, for example. It’s very convenient because you have more time for savoring nature.

#Cook with Coals

The food cooked on coals is extremely delicious. Put your food wrapped into foil directly in the coals. Use a shovel to put some coals on top of the foil packs to make everything cook evenly.

#Keep It Cold with Block Ice

Block ice is more profitable because it serves longer than cubed one. Buy or make your own ice packs before going camping. Fill containers with water and freeze them. Buy a freezer bag. It will preserve your food longer. Acquire camping coolers. They will provide you with cold beverages. Use Engel Coolers High-Performance ENG65 as it can hold cold temperatures for up to 10 days. This product is extremely popular in the market. You can also use Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler made of high-quality steel, and it will help you keep up to 85 cans of drinks cold.

#Make Clean up a Breeze

Try to cook as much food as possible at home. This will reduce the number of utensils you will require for cooking. Use reusable packages and jars to reduce waste. The foil is considered to be an excellent camping food packaging.

#Camping Tips for Elevating Your Camp Cuisine

Don’t forget to keep highly perishable food cold. Use reusable packages. Freeze meat before putting it in a cooler. This will keep it fresh longer and chill other food. Bring energy-boosting snacks such as dried fruit, nuts, granola bars and use them between meals.


Water is very important when going on a trip. We recommend you consume a lot of water to be well hydrated throughout the day as dehydration may have serious consequences for a human organism.

#Camp Storage

Going camping, don’t forget to take care of water storage. Big kegs and jerry cans are what you need to provide yourself and your family with water. Stay hydrated and take care of your health.

#Personal Storage

The choice of water storage options is really impressive: canteens, water bottles, collapsible water bottles which can be easily packed empty. It’s also important to keep your water cool when going on trips. Use camping coolers to savor the life-giving cold water. Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler is very durable and powerful. It’s the best on the market and can keep your water cold for up to 10 days. The budget option of coolers is represented by the Rubbermaid Durachill Wheeled Cooler. It’s quite capacious and has wheels for better transportation. YETI Tundra Cooler can contain up to 20 cans of drinks. It’s famous among avid campers.

#Camping Tips for Managing Water and Hydration

Water balance maintaining is very important for your health. The quantity of water you should consume depends on climate, your level of physical activity, and your own individual demands.

You need one liter of water per hour when the weather is hot, and half a liter will be enough if the weather is cool. The harder your physical exertion, the more water you should consume because you lose a lot of your organism fluids. That’s why you should drink more water to replace the loss of your organism fluids. Listen to your body because we are all individuals. Some require more water for feeling good; others drink less water and feel good.

Applying these primitive camping tips will make your trip fantastic and pleasant. And what tent camping ideas can you recommend? What are your favorite activities when you go camping? Please, share your experience with us.