Best 6 Person Tent

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One of the great ways to spend time with the family and explore the outdoors without spending a lot of money is through camping, which is made possible by the excellent t 6-person tent choices available in the market today. Those who happen to prefer 6-person tents are families who have a couple of kids, as it is difficult to put them into a small tent. In such cases, the 6-person tent becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.

What is the 6 person Tent?

Unlike tents for an individual, the 6-person tent is primarily meant for families since they offer a greater sense of space in the outdoors. They will be able to accommodate two adults and a couple of kids with enormous comfort.

Why You Need Tent For 6 Person?

People who want to experience the joy of camping without having to be cramped in a small space need to go with the best 6-person tent 2020 has to offer.


There are three major types of tents. They are:

Cabin Tent

The 6-person tent reviews primarily focus on the cabin tents since they are far superior in terms of space and comfort. In fact, these models can be as large as a normal home. This makes them ideal for large families to camp together.

Dome Tent

These products will come with a flexible pole, which is bent into a half-circle. The two ends of the pole are fixed on tape to hold them together. The presence of these two poles provides the unit with the appearance of a square dome. When compared with other forms of 6-person tents, this happens to be more stable when the size is small. This is not an ideal type when it comes to shelters of large dimensions.

Instant Tent

These are available from a wide number of manufacturers for users who install shelters on their own. The product comprises a coiled, long, and sprung frame, which is fitted to the fabric. Once the frame is twisted, the user is left with a unit as a circular package. These models are best used when the weather conditions are good, but recent improvements in technology have made it feasible to experience quick-pitch tents even in adverse conditions.


There are four major aspects that need to be considered before buying the best 6 person tent 2020 has to offer:


An important aspect to consider while choosing from a large number of choices is the application, which, in this case, would be the layout. There are several shapes and sizes when it comes to these products. If there is a requirement for bedrooms to increase privacy for the occupants, then it makes sense to go with large family tents that have provision for multiple rooms. Even if a product states that it can sleep three people in the bedroom, the buyer should verify the dimensions.

Some people find the bedroom location to be quite inconvenient in certain situations. For example, if the 6-person tent needs to accommodate young children, they need to be kept in a place closer to the adults so that they feel safe and secure. In the case of children, it would be ideal if the two bedrooms are far apart. Some people also require the bedrooms to be far away from the living area so that it increases the privacy element.

Living Space

There may be specific requirements when it comes to the living space; some people would prefer a dining area that is sheltered from the elements, while some would prefer additional storage spaces due to the volume of luggage that they may carry. There should be sufficient living space if the product is ideally meant for six people. In such a case, a 6-person tent with a porch makes an excellent case for someone who does not want to sacrifice luxury and space on a camping site.


The need for windows may not be needed in a small shelter, but this is not the case with regards to a large one. The presence of several windows can increase the amount of natural light entering the tent, and this translates into a spacious feeling. If there is a need for privacy or reducing the amount of light, one can always use blinds or curtains.


The size of the door depends on the weather conditions where the shelter will be used. For models that are used in summer conditions, it is recommended to have large doors to let in as much as light and air as possible. If the unit is to be utilized in rainy conditions, a large door may not be ideal since the water may get into the living space, and it can be quite cumbersome to deal with. There is also a 6-person tent with a vestibule available on the market.


There are two major designs in the market – air beams or poles. It is important to decide on the style which is appropriate to the buyer.

The pole shelters certainly take a long time to install and can take around 10 minutes, even for a top-rated 6-person tent. This needs to be constructed by building poles and attaching those using cables. In the case of a large tent, it is almost impossible for one person to do this job. Hence, bigger units usually opt for air beam technology. The air beam units are capable of setting up on their own, and they are simple. They have an inflatable tube made up of the same material used in the fabric tube. These are certainly prone to punctures, but repairing them can be quite easy. To make life even easier, some of the products may even come with a hand pump.

There are several pros and cons with pitching your own tent. In perfect weather conditions, the process of pitching a lightweight 6-person tent may be an enjoyable activity, but it can become quite a cumbersome process if the weather is adverse. This is especially true in the case of windy weather.


You should also be aware of the camping terrain. Those who expect to camp throughout the year may go for a four-season model, but they can opt for a less expensive product if they’re only camping during the warmer parts of the year. The units meant for use in the warmer climates will also be much lighter and cheaper to own. At the end of the day, it is important to pick a product that will let you spend quality time.


The process of picking the best 6-person tent involves a lot of analysis. After going through several options, the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened unit is the best 6-person tent. It offers a great mix of features, value, and space, which is ideal for families of different sizes. The living space is divided into two large rooms and is a great solution for families. The model is ideally applicable for use in cold months and can handle wet weather well thanks to a WeatherTec system. That’s it; we really hope you’ve found the best 6-person tent for your needs!