Best Backpacking Tent

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A quick trip out into the wild will require you to bring a tent. However, if you’re just starting to look for a new shelter or are a first-time buyer, the market can be intimidating. Backpacking gear has evolved in the past few years, and there are thousands of options out there. To find the best backpacking tent, you must understand what upgrades and features are available for each product. In this article, we will be explaining the various types for the best backpacking tent in 2023.


What Tent for Backpacking is The Best?

Don’t confuse a backpacking tent with your standard camping tent. The best backpacking tent is designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. Backpacking is where you travel across the land using hiking gear or just on foot. The top backpacking tents must be carried with the rest of your gear, which is why it’s important to find a model suited for travel.

Why You Need Best Tents for Backpacking

Backpacking is a wondrous activity, and honestly, we can recommend it to many people. However, the truth is that you’ll need a shelter to protect you from the outdoor environment. While it may seem like a fantasy to be under the stars next to a campfire, the weather and wildlife may have other plans. The top backpacking tents will be compact, cater to the season, and create a safe place for you to live while you’re outdoors. By the way, there are no solo backpacking tents here.

Should Backpacking Tents Include Storage Space For Youry Gear?

We cannot stress enough that it’s crucial to find a unit that can also store your gear. It’s important to understand that when the weather or environment starts to act up, your gear will be the one to suffer.

Many backpackers tend to overlook the simple fact that their backpack carries all the essentials, including food, clothes, and toiletries. If you want to have a comfortable trip, ensure that the tent has enough space for you and your gear. Some modern best tent for backpacking also includes extra storage space, which is excellent for traveling.

How Do I Carry Your Backpacking Tent?

This is a complicated question, as it will require you to determine how you want to position the weight. Backpacking isn’t a simple task, as most of your gear will be neatly packed into your backpack. The biggest tip we can give you is to make sure that you’re distributing the weight evenly. Best backpacking tents will need to be placed either on the top of your pack or safely secured on the bottom of the pack. We highly encourage you never to place it on the side unless you’re evening out the weight with other items. It can become dangerous to hike on uneven land, and the swing can cause you to fall.

Are There Any Major Tips You Can Give About The Best Tent For Backpacking?

The last tip that we can provide you with is that you should always ensure that your shelter can last up to the weather. Some brands tend to market their backpacks as being suitable for all seasons. However, this doesn’t guarantee that it will last through rain, wind, or snow.

To be on the safe side, always check to see what type of weather the unit can resist. This information will either be located in the product description or can be found in backpacking tent reviews from past customers. If you can’t seem to find any info on the model, either skip that product or try and contact their support for more information.


The main buying considerations about the best backpacking tent are the size and structure of the product and the number of backpackers. Everyone has different backpacking plans, so it’s important to select the model that suits your activities. In this section, we will give a quick rundown of the two major factors.

Two Person Vs More

The first issue to be aware of is the size of the tent. Another factor to consider is how much extra space you’ll need to do other activities. Some best backpacking tents are better accommodated for sleeping, while others are designed to be livable and for lounging. You can choose the size depending on what your plans are. The most common are two person options. However, there are also models for one, three, and four persons.

Freestanding VS Semi-Freestanding VS Staked

Another factor to consider about the best tent for backpacking is the structure of the tent. This is often the most overlooked part because backpackers who are inexperienced don’t understand the difference between the three types. The freestanding type usually means that it doesn’t need any stakes to be placed in the ground and can stand up by itself. However, the semi-freestanding must still use stakes to be able to stand, but still has some structure to it. Lastly, staked means that it needs the support and stakes to stay full.


While the type of tent matters, there are also other features that one must be aware of. Some of the best tent for backpacking tend to feature signature designs which make this activity more of a pleasure rather than a challenge. In this guide, we will provide you with the following best backpacking tent buying considerations, that way you can make an educated decision.

Here are the following considerations one needs to think about before purchasing a tent. As a side note – while all of the products on our list are excellent options, they may not be the right for you. That’s where this buying guide comes in handy; as it can help you select another model that works for you and your friends and family.

Setup & Design

You’ll never understand the frustration that comes with setting up a shelter until you’ve tried. Freestanding models are usually favorable as they can be less work and often are beginner-friendly. They can be set up very quickly, and they also are durable and strong.

However, you’ll also want to consider the design, as some models of the best tents for backpacking feature excellent elements that make it much easier to use in certain environments. Most product descriptions will list the different characteristics such as extra doors, ventilation, elbow room, and pockets. These can help make your trip more comfortable and keep your gear safe while you’re sleeping.

Weight & Size

The whole point of backpacking is to invest in a lightweight shelter that can be easily compacted and carried. The weight of the best tent for backpacking should be underneath 3 lbs, as this will help prevent your back from hurting while you’re carrying it. Although, some bigger models tend to be heavier. But a general rule is not to exceed anywhere over 10 lbs.

As for the dimensions, it really shouldn’t matter as long as the product itself folds to be compact, which most modern models do. A common size will stick around 80×50 inches. However, this measurement changes for each brand and model. Always check to see how big the shelter is and how small it can retract while carrying.

Protection & Seasons

On the other hand, protection and seasons are also the last overlooked factor. While most people tend to camp during warm summer nights, some tend to favor going camping in the offseason. These trips should be planned accordingly, as you wouldn’t want to be freezing yourself silly while it’s snowing. Certain best backpacking tents are designed to be used in multiple weather conditions and seasons. It just depends on what time of year you’ll be traveling.


Traveling the wilderness can be an eye-opening experience, especially if you’re traveling to remote locations that give you a break from the hustle and bustle that modern society breeds. However, it’s best to be prepared for your trip. Some first-time backpackers tend not to realize how heavy the gear can get towards the middle and end of their trip, causing them to drop the hobby. All of the best tents for backpacking should be compact, lightweight, and easy to manage.

On top of that, the buying considerations should also be carefully reviewed. Our buying guide was created to help you pick between the different types of shelters, but not all on our list are ideal for everyone’s trip. To help you, we created our best backpacking tent buying guide. After you’ve gotten a better idea of what type of shelter you need, you can then move on to selecting a product with extra features.

The best backpacking tent will be different for each person. However, there are still some standards we can recommend for you. Our comprehensive best backpacking tent list only includes four different models, but we can recommend one as being superior. The best tent for backpacking would have to be the Big Agnes Tiger Wall. It has mostly positive reviews and includes multiple sizes. It’s also lightweight, a compact backpacking tent, and is quick to set up. Overall, all of these qualities make it the best tent for backpacking 2023.