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It is difficult to find a person who would refuse to leave a dull workplace, noisy megalopolis, or a school and go on a trip. Of course, plenty of people imagine luxury villas in France or Finland with All Inclusive. But there are still those who are crazy about hiking in the mountains and spending cool nights by the fireplace. It is not surprising as admiring pure nature is a special kind of entertainment for them.

Are you dreaming about an unforgettable trip this year as well? Don’t know what to start with? Never mind as we have worked out the most useful information and helping tips on backpacking for beginners.

Today we want to reveal the secrets of tourist trips and try to give some of the most important and useful tips on how to behave, what to do, and what to take on a camping trip. For beginners, this article will be useful and will open many interesting secrets from the world of tourism. Believe that after reading these tips you will have no fears about your trip for sure.


A hike is a wonderful way to spend time outdoors in the company of friends, relatives, or just cheerful fellow travelers, and enjoy those little joys that we forget in the daily routine. In addition to being together with nature, it is also a great opportunity to test your physical fitness and endurance, as well as to adapt to the conditions of limited comfort. Admit it, you never know what kind of life course awaits you in the future, and the hike will allow you to prepare yourself for any possible difficulties and gain valuable experience.

That’s why you’d better not waste time and find out more about backpacking classes and tours. Search for the best-ready offers online and don’t risk making a route yourself especially if it is your first experience. Professionals will do it better for sure. Just read an overview of the tour, check the date, and choose the one you like most of all. Don’t forget about your own preferences to enjoy the holiday as much as possible.


Are you staying at home and watching how your friends return from another backpack holiday? Are you tired of looking at their brilliant photos with astonishing landscapes? Would you like to join tourism at last and go on a similar trip, but don’t how to start backpacking? Pay attention to the list of important steps you should follow to begin enjoying nature finally.

  • Prepare gear or purchase necessary equipment;
  • Choose a destination and think about a trip duration;
  • Prepare simple food;
  • Decide what clothes and shoes to take;
  • Think of taking favorite books or podcasts;
  • Check the gear;
  • Look at a weather forecast;
  • Enjoy the preparation process and have a positive mood.

These are backpacking basics you need to take into consideration if you want to enjoy the vacation.


Everyone knows that after a long winter, lovers of an active lifestyle are looking forward to spring and begin checking their equipment in advance. They dream about taking a breath of fresh air somewhere in nature: in the forest, on the river, or in the mountains. They definitely know what place to choose to realize this dream. In the case of beginners, everything is much more complicated. They are wondering how to go backpacking and what destination to choose.

To begin with, you must decide how many days you want to spend in the mountains and what area attracts you more. These are the main factors that determine your future trip. All in all, you’d better prefer to have a short holiday in a local area. Let’s find out why!

Prefer a short trip

It goes without saying that beginners should start their experience with short trips. For example, a weekend will be the perfect choice due to several reasons. One of them is that you won’t be too tired and exhausted after a couple of days in the mountains. Moreover, this time will show you whether it is exactly what you expect and need. You will have enough time to look at all the advantages and disadvantages of a backpacking holiday as well. During these days you will be busy with putting up the tent, bringing water and cooking food. One more benefit of a short trip is an opportunity to sit with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and admire an astonishing sunset. It is the best time to forget about all problems and think of future plans with no rush. As practice shows, the more hiking days a person spends, the less time he or she devotes to be alone with his or her thoughts. That’s why a short trip is a great chance to try a new kind of entertainment and feel absolute freedom.

Go to well-known places

Our backpacking guide offers to choose a local area for the first hiking experience. You will definitely feel more comfortable and confident in a familiar area. Moreover, in this case, you can avoid possible logistic issues to decide. You will also save more precious time for admiring backcountry rather than spend it on getting to the destination. Of course, far away distances may have more interesting places to see, but the first trip should be as safe as possible. Choose a nearby area so that you know how to act in case of emergency. Pick up a few friends and start an unforgettable trip without hesitation. Leave long-run places for the next time. Be sure, you will have an opportunity to visit them in the future if you want. However, you’d better avoid the risks of going to an unknown area with a lack of experience and necessary knowledge.


First of all, take a sheet of paper and write a list of necessary gear and clothes. Then start preparing them and crossing them out from this scroll. It will be great if you have some space to place all things in categories to see better what else you need. Do not hurry to waste money on gear or clothes which you don’t really need for the first trip. You can borrow some required equipment from friends or relatives. It’s better to save cash and buy everything you need after returning from the mountains. Let us explain. These hiking days will help you understand what clothes and gear you really need and what is optional. So prepare only essential things without which you won’t be able to spend a couple of nice days.

What gear to bring backpacking

Of course, it would be great to just put on a tracksuit and start the adventure. However, there are some essential things you can’t leave at home. So, here is a backpacking gear list for beginners:

  • A backpack. It is necessary for putting other things into it. Therefore, it should be prestigious, reliable, and comfortable.
  • A tent. You need some kind of a house to live and sleep in during hiking days.
  • A sleeping bag. It should be warm but light in order not to occupy much room in the bag. You can also take a comfortable backpacking pillow to feel like you are sleeping in your favorite bed.
  • Household equipment. You will certainly need to cook food, take care of clothes, and do other suchlike things.
  • Aid kit. You’d better avoid collecting it yourself as you can miss putting something necessary. Pick up a ready first aid kit and take care of your health.
  • Survival things. Don’t forget to put a map or a survival bracelet to find the destination if you lose the way.

What are the best clothes for backpacking

Don’t try to put unpractical and uncomfortable clothes. You won’t need a lot for a couple of days. Choose clothes according to the weather. Also, put on a hat or a cap as well as sunglasses. Be sure you have put on a warm sweater for cool days or nights. It’s better to avoid taking too expensive items as you can easily spoil them. Prefer simple but comfortable trousers, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and shorts. A good raincoat is also a necessary thing to put into your bag.

What shoes to put on

Everybody knows that shoes must be as comfortable as possible. Do not put on a new pair of trainers when setting off for the trip. Instead of it, start with walking around the neighborhood. It will prevent from getting blisters.


Food is of great importance in the list of backpacking tips. It is better to choose a simple meal. You can cook some dishes at home using common ingredients. In fact, it shouldn’t differ much from your usual food. Take some chocolate, energy bars, or dried fruit to have as a snack.


Hiking for beginners on a budget requires thoughtful preparation. That’s why you need to arrange everything well to avoid possible difficulties. Spend some more time now and don’t worry about your trip afterward.

Assemble gear and food beforehand

Have you decided what to bring backpacking? Then prepare everything in advance: at least in 3 days before going on a trip. Such a simple tip will help you understand whether you have everything essential for top-quality rest or need to purchase something else.

Do some pre-trip tests

Use the time before the trip for checking gear, trying on new boots, and purchasing necessary items. It’s better to test everything several times to be sure about having a good holiday. Let’s look at it in detail. You have never put a tent before. Then take it to a local park or a backyard and try doing it. It will be great if your hiking partner helps you as well. Do it together to see whether you need to practice more now and save time during your trip.

Get a weather report

Check a weather forecast to see what weather you will have during hiking days. It will help you choose the appropriate clothing as well. However, make sure this information is accurate.

Have a book or some tunes to entertain yourself

It happens people can’t fall asleep in the new surroundings. They start thinking about some unnecessary things. But you’d better avoid this and read a favorite book or listen to preferred podcasts. It will cheer you up in bad weather conditions as well. Enjoy the holiday time and do what you like.

Don’t get upset about bad weather

You should be prepared for any weather even if the forecast has promised it to be wonderful. First of all, you are in a local area so you can return home any time if you understand that available conditions don’t please you. Finally, it is a good experience for you to understand whether such type of entertainment suits you.

Moreover, you should always keep together, and also do not deviate from the planned route in search of adventures or a shorter path. Do not leave trash behind; it is better to burn a large part and bring the remnants to the nearest settlement. Finally, if you feel bad, it’s better to interrupt the holiday and consider professional medical care.

These are the best backpacking tips for beginners we are glad to share with you. Hope, you will use them and have unforgettable emotions from your first hiking trip. Just arrange everything properly and stay positive. Anyway, every experience is a significant part of our life, so let your dreams come true without any hesitations.

Now you can ask any questions you are interested in. We will be glad to answer all of them at once. Type them in comments and get a quick answer