Best 9mm Reloading Powder: How to Choose It In 2023

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Given how ammunition prices continue to rise, it’s only a matter of time for most gun owners to look into powder for reloading bullets. Plus, the prices are not the only thing that will make you want to look into this issue – sometimes people want to learn a new skill, reduce waste, or prep in the event of a supply chain disruption. All and all storing and reloading ammunition is a worthwhile pursuit for your firearms practice.

And today, we’ve decided to examine the different types of scenarios you may be reloading for, what are some of the types of powder, and how you can choose the best powder for 9mm reloads.

Reloading Scenarios and Powder Types: A Brief Overview

  • Practice loads: If you are looking for cheap powders for target practice and reloading practice, then go with a fast burning powder. Fast burning powders quickly build up pressure and deploy with less velocity than slow-burning powder.
  • Hunting loads: If your purpose is for hunting where one shot makes it or breaks it, use a medium to slow-burning best 9mm powder since distance and velocity (for clean shots) will matter. High velocity covers longer distances at speed.
  • Self-defense: You may want to go with a medium burning 9mm powder for this scenario since most self-defense scenarios are likely to be in close range but you still require a decent velocity to incapacitate your aggressor.

Choosing the Best 9mm Powder: Key Considerations

Choosing the Best 9mm Powder: Key Considerations

The important things to look for when selecting the best 9mm powder are low smoke emission, muzzle flash, and recoil. Plus, pay attention to small charges, clean-burning, and consistency. Remember, different powders may be best for different types of calibers and guns. For example, there will be a difference in behavior between 9mm and .22, which is going to be different from a .45 ACP. Thus, the best powder for 9mm Luger depends on what you’re looking for it to do:

Smokeless vs. Black Powder

There are two main types of pistol powders. Black powder is the traditional powder that was used in firearms until smokeless came on the market. Basically speaking, smokeless powder is about 3 times as powerful as black powder, producing higher pressure and velocities—this means you should never use smokeless guns meant for black powder, due to the fact that it can severely damage the unit and possibly injure the user.

Burn Rates and Chart

9mm pistol powders come in fast, medium, and slow burn rates. If you are unsure about what each of the burn rates means, remember that a fast burn rate means that the pressure is built up very quickly and releases quickly. Meanwhile, a slow burn rate means pressure builds up more slowly before release and therefore more energy behind each shot. Thus, slower-burning powders are generally equated with higher velocities. Another thing we’ve learned while creating these best 9mm powder reviews is that too much pressure buildup can damage the firearm itself.

Minimize Recoil

According to the type of handgun, the difference in recoil and aim recovery can depend upon the powder type. In general, shooters prefer powder that produces a minimal amount of recoil. And the recoil heavily depends on the weight of the powder. Handguns without compensators do better in terms of less recoil with lighter weight powders, while shooters of guns with compensators may prefer heavier weight powders.


This particular feature speaks for itself: you want to choose a powder that acts consistently when used.

Clean Burning

While you should periodically and consistently clean your firearm after use, clean-burning powders are a better option, since they create less mess to clean up.

Best 9mm Powder: Products Overview

Here is a list of the best 9mm powder for reloading we recommend but be aware that what you choose is also dependent upon the bullet weight and the gun itself. Make sure you thoroughly research the compatibility before loading.

Also remember – heavier bullets will need slower burning powders, since fast burning powders may cause problems clearing the barrel.

  • Fast powders: Titewad, WST, and Solo 1k are popular fast-burning powders among firearms enthusiasts for the qualities listed above.
  • Medium powders: WSF and AA#5 are popular medium burning powders, Ramshot Silhouette is considered one of the best all-around 9mm powders.
  • Slow powders: Accurate #7 and Winchester 572 are both popular slow-burning powders for 9mm.

Powder Storing Tips

It is very important you store your 9mm reload powder properly, to prevent the product from going bad. Plus, it’s a matter of safety in case of a fire. After all, the powder is highly flammable and under certain conditions, explosive.

  • First, ask your local ordinances (often located in your local fire marshall’s code enforcement information) about the amount of powder you are allowed to store in one location. They usually have requirements as to how to store it, the number of pounds, and what the storage container should have.
  • The estimated shelf life for most powders that have been opened, if properly stored, is calculated in decades. Unopened smokeless powders can possibly keep indefinitely if kept in optimal conditions.
  • Powder needs to remain cool and dry, without large temperature and humidity fluctuations. Basements may be too humid, garages may experience temperature swings. So it’s best to store it in climate-controlled storage space for your firearms.
  • To keep the powder dry, it should be stored in its original container. Do not place a desiccant (such as silica gel) directly in contact with the powder, but it is recommended that the outer storage container (be it a box, safe, or other storage space) contain some sort of humidity regulator (such as desiccant packs.) Desiccant packs eventually release the moisture they have captured, so it is also recommended to switch them out every so often. Depending on what kind of powder (smokeless vs. black), getting the powder wet can render it unusable, especially black powder.
  • Make sure that container is made of sturdy and reliable material so that it can be protected from outside influence. The original containers are usually the best place for storing the best gun powder for 9mm.
  • Keep out of the sun, this is due to the fact that heat causes compounds in the powder to degrade quickly.


All and all remember: selecting a 9mm reload powder is ultimately a personal choice. You need to pay attention to the weight of charge and projectile, the size of granule e.t.c. Moreover, one of the most important things to pay attention to is the burn rate. Thus, consider which works for you best and you’ll be able to find the best 9mm powder in no time!

So with that said, we sincerely hope that our recommendations and tips will help you find only the best 9mm powder 2023 in no time. So best of luck, let us know if you have any more questions, and don’t forget to share with us which best powder for 9mm you would recommend and why!