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The majority of males adore fishing, and even women and children come forward to this fun adventure. Many psychologists recommend going fishing weekly. They claim that splendors of nature in combination with enthusiasm over catching a fish allow getting out of the head all the backlog and plunge into the atmosphere of privacy and tranquility. However, a nice catch is a pleasant bonus, that’s why let’s deal with some fishing techniques to increase your skills.


Various types of fishing demand a different level of training and preparation. If anybody wants to have a nice weekend with friends or family, no special skills are required. However, one should use the right gear to catch something to impress others. In case of further selling fish, modern outfitting and some serious skills are needed. Before we’re jumping into techniques, let’s deal with the types of fishing.


Traditional entertainment means that the person is interested in the process more than in the result. The main benefits are enjoying nature, communication, and entertaining. One may sit on the shore or in a boat in the middle of the river/lake; one can also do it from a bridge or pierce. As for rookies, we recommend to use traditional fishing methods and beginner’s gear that includes the following items:

  • Rods and reels;
  • Fishing line;
  • Single hooks;
  • Baits and artificial baits (lures);
  • Bobbers (floaters) and sinkers.

We insist on the necessity to take a first aid kit. Such adventures are safe, of course, but accidents happen. A handy kit in a small plastic pack helps if somebody is scraped up or poked by a hook.


This type was invented to entertain a group of people and is popular at resorts. If a hotel or a guesthouse is located near the sea, lake, or any other body of water, recreational (sport) fishing is on the list of services almost for sure.

Many people take part in sport fishing and different types of angling not just for pure fun and entertainment. Very often, they want to compete in a tournament. The participants usually try to catch all kinds of fish and even sharks. By the way, hunting for sharks is known as a big game because a large reliable boat is needed.


When setting a goal to catch as much as possible, gear selection is very meaningful to enhance the efficiency of the process. That’s why fishermen usually use various kinds of nets: purse seines, trawling (bottom or midwater trawl), gillnets, dredges, and other tools. The heavy water vehicles are used, as a rule. The object of the fishery and its location determine commercial fishing techniques.


Check the list of the most modern fishing techniques to jump deeper into the amazing world of angling. Adopt the following discoveries to your own liking to have a fruitful rest or (who knows!) to start a new career as a professional fish-hunter.


Thousands of years ago, it was a struggle to pull the fish from the water. The only technique people knew was grabbing the fish with bare hands. Despite the fact that this survival skill requires a lot of effort, it is rather widespread nowadays.

We’re sure that two things should be noted before trying this method. First, the activity should be legal in the chosen area. Second, only catfish and other large slow species can be caught just with hands. Follow the catfish fishing tips and tricks below to succeed.

  • Wear shoes and clothes that can protect your body under the water.
  • Feel for structures that could hide a fish with your feet.
  • Then dive to catch fish with your hands.
  • Let the fish bite the hand and pull it to you while your hand is in its mouth.
  • Wrap the fish with your second arm and, if the fish has barbs, try to avoid touching them.

The average weight of catfish is 22–39 pounds, this is good enough for such a straightforward method. It is one of the best fishing techniques to grab shellfish, crabs or kelps, too. This type of angling could be dangerous, that’s why never be alone while diving and take a survival kit with hooks and lines.


The netting fishing technique is often used for commercial purposes and facilitates other methods and outfits to get the best result. Individuals also use nets with different sizes of meshes. The trammel, for example, is good for catching deep-sea fish, and the gill net fits for trapping for fish shoal and other similar fish.

It is better to shoot the net from the boat but not from the shore. Always throw it in the direction of the wind. Don’t forget to get rid of watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even earrings before netting to avoid getting caught in the net while dropping it in the water.

Trawling is a conical net that looks like a bag. It is fixed to a boat when being dropped in the sea. Its expanded “mouth” follows the boat and picks up seafood on its way. Such a simple tool is usually made of nylon or plastic and has steel chains, rings, and other parts.

There are various types of nets on the market: surrounding and seine nets, dredges, lift and cast nets. The choice depends on the fishery, physical features in the area, and water vehicle specs.


Trapping is one of the basic fishing techniques and has much in common with netting. It is a versatile method that is rather popular in both traditional and recreational fishing, as well as in commercial ones. Traps are very simple and passive fishing gear. They let the fish swim into the trap and then close all the possible exits making it impossible to escape. Some people put chambers in the trap to close it, and others use traps in the shape of funnels. The fish is being caught in them, and it is rather difficult for it to find the way out.

When dealing with the pots, small traps are assumed. When traps are huge and fixed to the shore, the pots are much smaller and portable. They come in the boxes or baskets, and fishermen set them manually right from a boat.

You can catch not only fish but also shellfish, crustaceans, and cephalopods. When speaking about appropriate vehicles, a simple boat or a canoe is enough. Besides, to succeed in the best way, many of the experienced anglers use such equipment as power winches and haulers on board of their vessels.


The next flathead fishing tips deal with angling, the way of fishing that implies the use of angles (fishhooks). It is considered to be the favorite method among fishermen that includes some variations:

  • Fishing pole;
  • Styrofoam float;
  • Throw bait fishing;
  • Specimen-angling.

The latter is the most complicated method focused on catching huge specimens of certain species. The most important fish with the highest status you can get are carp, tench, bream, rudd, bream, and eels. The majority of specimen-anglers live in Europe and Sweden.


Destructive fishing implies using various harmful substances and other restricted items. Sometimes the bottom trawling is also destructive if it is proceeding over shallow corals, deep-sea corals, seagrass, and other vulnerable habitats. Here are some more “black” techniques:

Shark Finning

Many anglers practice it because shark fins have high monetary and cultural value. Every year, they wipe out up to 100 million sharks.

Blast fishing

People use explosive materials to pick up fish easy and fast. They don’t care about destroying the surrounding ecosystem. It is illegal in the majority of civilized countries, but many poachers lay down the law. However, the situation is the worst in Tanzania. It is the only country where blast fishing is still happening on a large scale.

Poison fishing

This technique means using poisonous plants to catch fish. People practice it in stagnant pools or slow-flowing streams and rivers. They collect fish manually with the aid of baskets and spears.


This method is widespread in the regions with plenty of coral reefs, in particular, in South East Asia. The anglers encircle reefs with the net and destroy them in order to scare fish and get it into the net. Muro-Ami is illegal because it not only ruins reefs but also takes its toll on human lives.

Push netting

This angling means using a triangular fishing net with a rigid frame that the anglers push along the bottom in shallow waters with doing lots of damages. Maybe, they are not global, but still substantial.


There are different ways to fish as we have been able to see, but amazingly, even the most ancient techniques still work and are rather popular in some circles. Those who practice this method usually catch fish not only for food. It’s some kind of sport or competition. In this case, the angler turns into a real hunter.

Spearfishing is a popular service in individual tourism. Small groups of travelers usually learn to catch fish with spears masterminded by a skillful trainer. The participants of this entertainment always put scubas on, and they may be equipped with band powered spearguns or polespears.

Note that each country has its own regulations and laws as for spearfishing. It deals with species, their size, types of spearfishing equipment, etc.

Choosing the Method for You

Before keeping in mind various fishing tips and techniques, one should choose the most appropriate method that is relevant to his or her preferences, goals, demands, and opportunities. However, one should also take into account the species that he or she is targeting. Some species allow using several techniques but in a certain season, for example.

The choice also depends on the fish’s behavior. For instance, some species feed on the bottom of the waters, while others prefer shallow ones. The type of bait also is a determinant. Bottom angling is compatible with the live bait only while artificial lures need topwater fishing.

Having a proper high-quality gear is crucial for all practices. Such devices as portable fish finders will enhance the chances to catch a lot of fish. Outfitting will keep everybody completely safe. Many species have sharp teeth, poisonous or sharp fins or body.

To make a final choice, it would be better to consider the budget because some techniques can hurt the wallet. Spearfishing is one of the priciest methods, for example. If speaking about catching fish as a hobby or leisure, there is nothing to worry about, because all the gear is affordable.