Best Bear Spray

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Not everyone has a gun permit, and we’ve seen that a gun is not always enough to fight off an attacking bear. That’s why you need the best bear spray whenever you go out in the wilderness.

If you like to go out camping on a regular basis, a high-quality bear repellent is a must-have. Just like you won’t leave home without a sleeping bag, you can’t go on a camping trip without a reliable bear spray.

If you’ve just realized that a bear deterrent is a useful thing to have with you on a trip in the forest, and you have no idea where to start in buying one, or the features you need to look for at a bear repellent spray, we’ve put together a list of the best products.

We’ve thoroughly tested dozens of bear spray products so that we can ensure you are getting only the best bear spray suggestions. During the tests, the main properties that we looked for in bear protection sprays were:

  • Strength
  • Minimum Range
  • Spray Duration
  • Container Size

So, without further ado, let’s get you started on a journey for buying the best bear spray on the market. But before jumping into available products, we’re going to take a look at the main types of bear repellents out there.

After taking a look at the table listed above, you will be able to better understand all the technical details that you’re going to access in the following reviews. So, firstly, read the reviews of the top bear spray products available on the market right now.

Best Bear Spray FAQ’s

What is the Best Bear Spray?

The best bear spray is not something predetermined. It’s rather the bear repellent that suits your needs the best. While a large-canister bear spray might be the best choice for some persons, a light and easy-to-use spray can prove more useful for others.

What is the Best Bear Spray?

Very effective! Their functionality is based on studies of the effects of capsaicin as well as real-life tests in the wilderness. Carrying the best bear spray out in the wild might mean the difference between life and death.

How to Use Bear Spray?

If you meet a bear in the wilderness one day, and it comes towards you, grab your bear spray and aim it at the animal. Make sure it is within an effective distance and give it a constant spray of at least 5 seconds.

Does Bear Spray Expire?

Yes, all bear sprays have an expiration date, and it’s recommended to check it before purchasing such a product. The expiration period is 4 years for most of the bear sprays available on the market,.


From a functional point of view, there is only one type of bear spray available on the market. The canned bear spray is the only way you will be able to find bear spray packaged; they all function on a mix of capsaicinoids and capsaicin combined in different densities.

Bear protection sprays look and function just like personal defense pepper spray with the difference that the density of capsaicin and the capacity of the container are usually higher. Now that you know the basics about the bear deterrent spray, let’s have a look at the 7 best bear sprays available to buy.


When shopping for the best bear spray, there are some characteristics you should have in mind. After showing you all the best bear sprays on the market, it’s time to teach you the main factors you should look for in case you’re not willing to try any of these.


Always look for a bear spray with a capsaicin concentration between 1% and 2%. For those of you that have always wondered “what’s in bear spray,” now you know. Anything lower than 1% might not have the desired effect, while doses over 2% are not safe for the environment or even you.

Minimum range

You’ll want to buy a bear spray with a minimum range of 5 meters since that’s considered to be the minimum amount of distance that provides you with some safety. Of course, the bigger the distance, the better but don’t overdo it. Even the best bear spray can miss if fired from too far away.

Spraying Duration

The total amount of time you can pulverize the protective spray barrier is also an essential aspect of your safety. So you’d only want to buy the best bear spray that offers you at least 5 seconds of continuous pulverization.


Of course, the price is important for anything you buy. But it’s not always a correct indicator of the quality of the bear spray. Make sure you read all the reviews and, if possible, get the opinion of other persons that have tested the product.


To sum things up, the best bear spray to buy is the one that fulfils your specific needs. You’ve already seen an entire list of the best bear sprays available on the market right now. Also, you know that you need to have strength, range, and spray duration in mind when shopping for this product.

Having the best bear spray with you when going hiking or camping can make the difference between life and death. Nature can be unpredictable, and as long as you’re entering bear territory, you can never know when you’ll need a bear spray. For the price you pay on a bear spray, it is totally worth it carrying one with you.

If you’re still having issues deciding on a specific bear spray, the Frontiersman Bear Spray is definitely the best one available on the market right now. The price/quality ratio is unbeatable, and all its characteristics provide maximum safety. With a comfortable spraying distance, a good pulverizing time, and an easy-to-use trigger, the Frontiersman Bear Spray is definitely the best buy in this case.