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A good one can cut your hunting hours down by almost half. Waiting there in silence for hours can sometimes get on the nerves, and thus hunters prefer using the best deer attractant to quicken the pearch and hunt pace. Traditionally, hunters did not really need such attractants as deers were generally abundant in the hunting spots, and thus they wouldn’t have to wait for long hours, but with recent thinning of the deer population, it is next to impossible to go on the hunt without attractants. 

There are several brands selling deer attractants, and the variety is mind-baffling. In fact, there are so many options available in the market that may confuse you. But always remember choosing the right attractant is very important, some say even more important than which broadhead to pick because let’s face it, unless you spot a foe or buck, what are you expecting to exercise that grand bowhead of yours? In this article, we will help you pick out the best deer feed attractant available on the market.   

Top 7 Best Deer Attractants: Comparison Chart

Product Type Ready to Use Volume
Evolved Habitats Black Magic Liquid Yes 1 gallon
Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage Powder Yes 5 pounds
Trophy Rock All-natural Mineral Rock/Salt Lick Mineral Yes 12 pounds
REDMOND Hunt Cherry Bomb Food plot Yes 6 pounds
Big&J Deadly Dust Powder Yes 15 pounds
Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover Deer Food Plot Seed Food plot Yes 2 pounds
Antler King Honey Hole Attractant Mix Food plot Yes 3 pounds

How Do Deer Attractants Work?

It is way more difficult to hunt in the interiors of a forest than in the open. Deer attractants lure the buck in the open where the hunter gets the upper hand than he/she is likely to get in the interiors. These attractants have aromas of the food deers love and trailing this smell. The animals come out near the place it has been baited. 

These attractants have certain minerals that are beneficial for the health of deers. It is advised that you leave some attractants even before the hunting season, this will make them healthier and stronger as prey.


  • Deer attractants increase the chance of making a kill. They ensure a clean and quick kill instead of a languishing one. The latter is not much revered in hunting ethics. 
  • Hunting deer keeps the population in check. Often deers multiply very quickly, and a forest densely populated with deers can lead them to wander about in the vicinity freely. This has reportedly caused several accidents all over the country. 
  • Deer attractant feed not only aid hunters in hunting but also photographers. Often it is used by wildlife photographers to capture aesthetic clicks of wild deer. All the beautiful pictures that you come across on the internet are mostly attained with the help of attractants as it is really difficult for photographers to capture an alert deer in all its beauty and serenity. 


  • Spreading large bait piles can attract too many deer, which resultantly can lead to the spread of diseases like chronic wasting disease. This disease damages the tissue in their brain and could also lead to death. This will eventually lead to a drastic fall in the deer population and thus end of hunting in the area. 

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

The answer to what is the best deer attractant is not as easy as “the product Y from brand Z is the best one”. It is much more complicated and may not work the same for everyone and every region. Thus, knowing the components and properties of attractants is crucial for deciding which one will work best for your purpose. 

This article is not a promotional article, and we are not here to dictate you which one to buy but rather, we wish to impart you with full knowledge of what makes a great deer feed attractant so that you can make the right decision and not regret it. Because come on, it takes a lot of patience, practice, and excitement to make up a great worthwhile hunting experience. 

There are several aspects to be taken into consideration, like we already said. One must look at the formula, scent, and minerals in it. Besides which area you are hunting in, what season is it, and several other factors are to be taken into consideration as well.  


There are some fraud companies out there who give you a bad formula. Segregating those from the good ones is step one of buying the best deer attractant. A good formula is one that has a strong but not artificial smell and does not form mold or fungus in a short time. 

Type of Attractant

There are several types of attractants to choose from, and all of them work brilliantly provided you pick a good one. The choice would depend absolutely on you. Whichever you find easy to handle, carry and use, go for precisely it. The common types are:

  • Use liquid deer attractants if carrying them in bottles is easy for you. 
  • Food plot attracts deer in large numbers, especially if there is a crisis in the jungle for their food. The smell will compel them to come out.
  • Powder attractants usually contain mineral salts and often mixed with food that deer enjoy mulching on.
  • You can also spray attractant into the air for the air to carry it into the interior or spray it on some foliage. These sprays are made of pheromones, either artificial or real, derived from deers.  
  • Best deer mineral attractants are also another great option to not only lure deer to the hunting spot but also to feed them before your hunting session to ensure they grow fat and healthy for the kill. 

Other Factors to Take Into Consideration

Hunting Season

The fall is generally the “rut” season, which means it is the mating season for the deers. During the pre-rut season, the deers spend the most time in the meadow grazing and gathering energy. This is the right time to use your best deer food attractant. They would want to eat without having to spend much energy. 

Then comes the breeding phase when they are restless and work hard the entire day. To attract these relentless animals, then, you have to choose an attractant that has a strong scent. Liquids and sprays are a great option when it comes to the breeding period as they travel much farther due to the air and wind. 

Right after the breeding season, comes post-rut and you can go back to your early season deer attractant.  Their energy levels are at the lowest at this point and any food or powder attractant will lure them right in. 

Regional Knowledge 

You must have impeccable knowledge about the place you are going to hunt. You must buy an attractant that is compatible with the region – its weather, foliage, and vegetation to attract animals there. 

Try not to hunt in places that already have abundant food sources as deers generally stay in the interiors if the forest provides with them enough. And if you must, use mineral blocks and scents to lure them. They will work better. However, it is always best to choose a spot where there is a dearth of food for the deers. 


The legal laws regarding deer hunting are pretty strict in the States, and thus you must be very careful about government regulation when you go hunting. You do not want to drag yourself into any trouble. Certain baits are not legal in some states (eg., it is illegal to use sweet potatoes as baits in Louisiana) 

Most of the products in the market are legal, but it is always wise to go through the laws and also the ingredient component of your attractant, what is allowed in one state may be prohibited in another. Illinois hunting laws may be absolutely different from Nevada. A case as sensitive as hunting must not be taken lightly when it comes to legality. Find the best buck attractant accordingly. 

Buying Deer Attractant: Useful Tips

  • The first tip is one that we have been screaming right from the beginning – buy the right one always! Do not just choose because it seems right. 
  • Do not rely on just one type. Combine several products to ensure success.
  • Use your attractants in sync with the direction of the wind and the direction from which the deer is likely to appear. Especially if you are using a powder or spray attractant, the direction of the wind plays a crucial role in how these are gonna work for you.
  • Do not use the attractant on yourself or any other person. This could lead to fatal danger if the deer decides to attack you. You will not be able to tackle the animal we assure you. It could leave you seriously injured or worse, dead. 

Final Word

The deer attractants that work the best are the ones brought with enough research. We hope you now know what was going wrong in your previous hunts and if you are an amateur, great place to begin with. Deer attractants reviews are full of mixed reviews precisely because people forget to understand how each attractant works great in certain situations. Congratulations, you are now officially eligible to get the best deer attractant 2023.