Best Hunting Slingshot

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What do you imagine when you think of the worlds best slingshot? Most people would be surprised to know that the best hunting slingshot isn’t just a toy, it’s a weapon. Usually, you think of a slingshot as being a plastic toy or a stick with a rubber band. You’d then imagine a child slinging some rocks or marbles and attempting to hit targets. However, the best hunting slingshot is much different from the childish alternatives. In this article, we will introduce you to the best hunting slingshots in 2023 and how you can pick the one that works for you.


This is a weapon similar to the toy version. The noticeable difference is in the material and the effectiveness of its ability to function as a weapon. A sturdy base is crafted out of hard industrial materials such as steel and aluminum. The best hunting slingshot base still has a similar shape that the toy does, but it may include extra features. As for the effectiveness, best hunting slingshot packs a much bigger punch and may even sever wound a living target.”


There are multiple different types of slingshots on the market, so it’s best to know what types are available. Not all of them have applications in hunting, which means you need to know the differences before purchasing one to use. Here is a short hunting slingshot review of the three various types of slingshots:


Exactly as it sounds, Y-shaped slingshots are the most traditional type. These often feature a Y-shaped framework that has rubber strips attached to two ends of the frame. Older styles were often crafted from wood, but since they’ve become commercialized that now are made from different types of metals. This type of slingshots is the best for recreational use such as competitions, hobbies, and as practice.

SlingShot Bow

A slingshot bow is similar to the best Y-shaped version, and the only difference is that instead of shooting your traditional type of ammo, it shoots arrows. These types of slings are more effective at wounding a live target and are often better for survival and hunting. The only issue is that these are extremely dangerous and should not be given to kids or untrained adults.

Toy Slings

The last type of the best hunting slingshots is the one you see in the movies and are most familiar with. These are often made from either wood or plastic and are used as toys. The ammo is made from marbles, plates, or plastic balls and they hardly do any damage. They also tend to be on the less expensive end and should only be used as a toy.


Before you purchase a hunting slingshot its best to understand specific buying guides to ensure you’re getting the right type. We want you to choose the best hunting slingshot 2023, and you can’t do that without knowing specific criteria from hunting slingshot reviews. In this section of the article, we will introduce you to the specifics that can help you pick the best hunting slingshot.

How to Pick the Best Slingshot

When it comes to picking the best slingshot, you’re going to want to keep in mind four different elements: band type, grip, hollow handle, and sight. These four are the factors that contribute to creating the best slingshot.

Band Type

There are two different types of band types, rubber tubes, and flat bands. Each of these types provides you with a different feel and works well in different applications.

  • Rubber tubes – are durable, long lasting, and tend to be better for hunting. However, there are high-quality rubber tubes and low-grade ones. We’d always suggest checking if the bands are good quality or else you risk them snapping on you.
  • Flat bands – are good for those who prefer to use them for competitions or as a hobby. They are perfect for enhanced accuracy and are generally faster than rubber tubes. However, you’ll find that the impact doesn’t hit as hard as the rubber tubes which is important when you’re trying to take down a live target.


Grips should be comfortable, ergonomic, and have some sort of ribbed or enhanced gripping features. Otherwise, you’ll find your slingshot popping out of your hands at the most needed moments. It’s good to find a grip that will reduce your hand and wrist fatigue, as it can become painful to flick a projectile multiple times. The most common material is:

  • Wood
  • Plywood
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • G10
  • Mikarta

Hollow Handle

Hollow handles allow you to store any extra gear inside the best hunting slingshot providing you with a productive method of carrying ammo on a hunt. You’ll find that it also comes in handy for storing spare bands. This ensures that you are prepared for the worst, and you won’t need to go to your car or dig around in a bag when you’re out on the field using your sling.


Sight is a type of device which is installed onto the best sling that provides you with light or a laser to help target shot. This way you can ensure that you won’t miss your target, which is important when hunting live prey. There are multiple types of sights, but all of them are useful if you’re starting out or want to improve your accuracy.


Slingshots can fire pellet projectiles (these ones used in air guns and air pistols), arrows and many other ammunition. The shell is selected depending on the model of the slingshot, personal preferences, and hunting needs.

  • Steel Projectiles. Metal balls have various diameters from 0.68 mm to 0.44 mm. These projectiles are rather dangerous and can do serious damage when impact. They have more stopping energy than others and are the best solution for hunting small animals or birds. 
  • Glass Projectiles. Similar to rubber-coated marble balls. They are more flexible and bounce harder than steel, that’s why you should be careful when using them in confined spaces.
  • Copper Projectiles. Different professional hunters prefer to use copper shells in their slingshots. These types of rounds are a little bit more expensive than the glass and steel versions. It is worth considering they deform when impact, so more experience is required to shoot them accurately.
  • Tungsten Carbide Projectiles. “Tungsten: The perfect metal for bullets and missiles” BBC.  Shells from this metal are lighter than steel balls but have similar power. These ones are expensive and I would advise using steel balls.
  • DIY Projectiles. In fact, you can use any kind of shell in your slingshot, plastic, metal, wood, glass, pebbles, etc. it depends on the situation. The real important thing is to use the shells that will wear out the rear pouch the least.

Band Setup

OTT Slingshot – OTT (over the top) means just simply placing bands on top of the prongs for the band’s ride over the top of the prongs and ammo correspondingly goes over the top of the prongs when it releases. This is good, quick, simple one of the downsides of it – is shooting a mismatched band ammo combination, it can result in a hand slap. TTF Slingshot – TTF (through the forks) – another option, this came about in the 50s and 60s with slingshots like the Milligan Special, the Victor, and the Wham-O all of these slingshots use slots that oriented the band’s sideways. The bands come around and shoot through the forks, this is a nice combination to use if you want to shoot sideways. In this case you can get away with mismatched ammo because the bands travel through the forks. Band don’t slap back into the hands so that’s really great. OTT and TTF setup which is more accurate? Some slingshots like the Scout you can shoot over the top or through the forks it really comes down to your personal preference most top target shooters shoot through the forks there’s also plenty of folks out there that shoot over the top just as accurately. That’s why OTT versus TTF doesn’t matter. Over to top or through the forks you’re going to get that projectile downrange you’ll be able to do it equally accurately and it’ll be just as fun.


You’re probably wondering if slingshots are legal in your state? The answer is that some states may have laws prohibiting the sale and use of this type of hunting weapon. That’s why, better to check with your local police station before buying if they are legal. Hunting slingshots can be purchased and used in most US states without needing a license. Nevertheless, it is important to realize how destructive these weapons can be, they can damage property, injure or even kill a person, so it is always important to follow certain safety rules. You can read some of them below.

First Rule. Child.

Ensure that you are grown-up or you are utilizing the slingshot just under close grown-up management. All safety rules that are normally associated with the use of firearms apply.

Second Rule. Always check your equipment before shooting.

Make sure there are no breaks or cracks in the straps, whether they are firmly attached to the slingshot and pouch. At every break during training, the same check your equipment. When shooting at targets, you usually control this environment, and during a hunt, it is usually hostile to the slingshot. So pay more attention, please.

Third Rule. Use Goggles.

There is always such a possibility that one of the straps will break and hit the shooter in the eye during aiming. That’s why it is recommended to shoot from a slingshot only with special goggles. Of course, any sturdy safety goggles can be used, for construction or something like that. True, they were designed for close-range work, drilling and other things and therefore, the quality of the lenses was not given special attention. A serious shooter needs to see clearly distant targets, and this requires good optics.

Fourth Rule. Upward Shooting.

Upward shooting is always dangerous. Perhaps it will take some time, but the projectile shot will definitely return, in theory, with the same speed at which it was launched. It can cause serious damage or injury. When shooting at an angle of 45 °, the ball flies the longest distance. Sometimes it falls a few hundred meters from where it was released. You always have to imagine where it will fall, even if you shoot at very long distances.

Fifth Rule. Control The Situation.

When shooting at targets, you usually know where others are. During the hunt, it is necessary to constantly monitor changes in the surrounding area. Think before you shoot. Even if you are stationary, the surrounding objects and people suddenly could start moving. As well as on a rifle hunting, at any time everyone should know exactly where everyone else is.


This question is not an easy thing, because there are many different interesting brands and good models and there is no obvious answer, hands can be of different sizes, you can hold in different ways, and so forth and so on. But there are two popular models about which we can’t say any bad thing and we know a lot of professionals who started with it. These are Hathcock Target Sniper (HTS) from Pocket Predator (is named in honor of the greatest sniper of the United States Marine Corps, Carlos N. Hathcock) and The Scout from Simple-Shot. These two models will allow you to learn how to shoot much faster than the others because the price point is reasonably low, it’s made in the USA, comes with bands, supports multiple grips, and has a universal fork. There were cases when a person took out a slingshot from a box and, after a couple of test shots, began to hit small targets quite accurately. So try it and you’ll feel it)


  Why Do You Need This Product?

Hunting slingshots are much safer than other best types of hunting tools, which make them better for children or those who feel uncomfortable handling a firearm. They can be an excellent survival tool to use for catching small prey, leaving you with some food in case of an emergency. Other than that, they’re incredibly entertaining and make a fantastic skill to show off to your friends and family.

What to Hunt with a Slingshot?

The change in materials allows you to either use them to hunt small or large prey. Originally you’d see small ones such as rabbits, pheasants, or birds. However, because newly designed best hunting slingshots are made to either shoot sharp projectiles or arrows, you can use them on larger prey like deer or mouse.

Are They Dangerous?

Without proper safety and handling, anything can be dangerous in the wrong hands. That’s why it’s best to be educated on how to properly use one before you take it out onto the field. An excellent way to gauge if a sling is dangerous is by looking at the hunting slingshot reviews online.

Do The Bands Ever Wear Down?

Yes, if we look at the current hunting slingshot reviews, the bands do tend to wear down over extended use. Using rubber bands multiple times can slowly cause them to wear down, potentially risking them snapping. To avoid this, it’s best to replace a band every 1,000 shots. This will help prevent any risk and keep you and everyone else around you safe while you’re using your slingshot.

Do You Just Shoot Bottles Or Cans With Them?

Traditionally best slingshots were originally created to be used as a hunting weapon. It’s only in modern days that this weapon has turned from a weapon into a toy. With advancements in modern types of hunting gear, the slingshot may have gotten lost, eventually making it a kids toy.

Are Slingshots Accurate?

Have you heard of the phrase practice makes perfect? Slingshots can be accurate if you train yourself to use them right. There are additional features that make them even more accurate, such as laser sights, stabilizers, and other accuracy tools to help you make the perfect shot. Lastly, best slingshot bands for hunting make a huge impact on accuracy, so be sure to get a high-quality band.

What’s The Maximum Distance A Slingshot Can Shoot?

Hunting slingshots for sale can be shot up to a maximum of 400 feet, but the power behind the shot will be dramatically weakened. If you’re using the sling for recreational purposes, a 400-foot shot will be easy. However, if you’re planning to use it for hunting, then the maximum distance we recommend is 50 feet. This will give you the best mix between impact power and distance.

Are They Allowed On Planes?

They are allowed in your suitcase but are not allowed as carry on. Even if you attempt to take the rubber band off the slingshot, you will not be able to make it onto the plan. Airlines have strict standards when it comes to weapons on planes. It’s best not to test your luck and pack it away in your suitcase.


Having a good quality best hunting slingshot can make a huge difference in the performance and learning curve, as you won’t get injured and will have an easier time hitting your target.  If we had to choose the best slingshot on the market, we’d select the Y-Shot Hunting Slingshot. This model features the traditional design but comes with multiple features that you won’t see anywhere else on the market. The wrist support is good for relieving stress, making it good for beginners who need to practice for multiple hours. The quick loading ensures that you’ll hit your target and won’t need to stop for a reload. Lastly, the sling has a wide bow design which makes it easier to hit your target. The only downside is that it takes some practice to draw back the rubber tube, but this gets easier with practice. Overall, this is the best hunting slingshot 2023.