Best Survival Food Kit

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It is difficult to say with any certainty what the future will bring us. We must be prepared for any deprivation that can replace today’s modern comforts. It may happen that you’re left without water, electricity, or even food, so special survival food kits would be nice to have in advance. Today’s lifestyle is full of amenities, but at the same time this life of comfort and abundance is rather fragile. The power over your lifestyle is in the wrong hands. To take back control, it is necessary to develop survival skills, and with that in mind we prepared the best survival food kit article so you and your family can become independent and learn how to survive under the worst possible circumstances.

  Anything can happen; a political uprising, a natural disaster, or even an abnormal accident. Whatever the scenario, responsibility for your own life will ultimately fall onto you. But you have all the chance to feel confident about your future with the best survival food kits ready at your side. If (or when) it happens, you should not be taken by surprise regarding the short-term and long-term consequences. Food is the third most important need after water and air. Throughout history, accumulation of significant food stocks has been an integral part of the survivalist’s agenda. Buying the best survival food kit for long-term storage and dehydrated products is a practical preparation method available to most families. So today you will learn how to compile your emergency bag and what is the best survival food kit for your situation.

Today, the best emergency food kits are produced by various companies, and all of them differ in terms of what’s inside, the number of servings, and the shelf life. We compiled a rating of the best sets and will choose the best survival food kit of 2023 after taking into account its various features. Hopefully, with the help of our review, you will be ready to survive in the hardest conditions without issue.


What Is The Best Survival Food?

Survival food kits should contain only products with a long shelf life. It is requirement number one. These are not the usual products you can buy in a grocery store. All these foods are specifically cooked and do not require special preparation before eating. Today it is possible to find various survival kits developed by different manufacturers. All of them contain freeze-dried meals, but the number of servings and choice of products varies greatly. The ideal kit should feed your body with 1,200 – 3,600 calories depending on your age and weight. The number of calories per serving is listed on each bag.

You can survive without material items, but without food and water there is no chance, especially at first. That’s why 72-hour survival food kits are so important. It is nice to have a supply of products for three days until a person is able to navigate out of their situation. Provisions that are included in the best survival food kits must meet several requirements. For example:

  • Food should be high in calories
  • It should have a long shelf life
  • Take up little space and have a minimal weight.

Only one type of product meets these requirements – these are the products that are conserved by sublimation. This is a process that undergoes two stages – freezing and drying. Due to the fact that they are not subjected to heat treatment, they retain all of their nutritional properties. In addition, they significantly lose in volume and weight. These are the best products with a long shelf life up to 15-20 years!


The best survival kits differ depending on the situation, so choosing the right set can be a real challenge, especially if you don’t understand what to look for or where to start. Such kits differ regarding the method of preparation, the number of servings, the content of essential elements, and the size of servings. But today we’ll take into consideration another main criterion – the duration of time.

72 Hour Emergency Food Kits

72-hour survival food kits are ideal in case you need to leave home for three days. Such kits contain products that will be enough for this period of time. For example, in the case of a storm or hurricane, you will need provisions for 72 hours. The bag won’t be very large in size and it will contain only the essentials.

2-4 Week Emergency Food Kits

In the case when an emergency situation will take longer up to 2 weeks or even a month, a 72-hour emergency food kit won’t save you. It is recommended to give preference to a medium-sized food pack. Choose the best survival food kit for such a period of time, taking into account its size and weight since you may need to carry it over long distances.

6-12 Month Emergency Food Kits

According to survival food kits reviews, such sets are not small in size because they are developed to let you live up to one year far from home and in comfortable conditions. Survival food included in these sets has a longer shelf life and is limited in weight. A number of portions and calories is usually enough to survive on, even in the most dangerous situation. So, if you can imagine the scenario when you’ll have to leave your house for a long time, consider such factors as food packs for survivors.


Food for emergency survival is not just food with a long shelf life, but food that can be prepared quickly. Let’s see how to choose the best products based on survival food reviews.

Easy to Prepare

If an emergency situation occurred and you urgently needed to leave you home, you definitely do not have enough time to purchase necessary goods. Moreover, you don’t have time to cook food. Therefore, choose products that are easy and quick to prepare.

Number of Servings

Even if you’re going to leave the house on your own, it is strongly recommended to bring another portion of food with you. In case of urgent need, you can help someone else survive.


Choose the sets that are convenient and easy to carry in your hands or pack in backpacks. Who knows how much time you will have to spend traveling with your best survival food kit.


The portions should range from 800 to 3,600 calories. It is precisely this amount that is sufficient in maintaining a person’s weight under normal conditions and provide him or her with a sufficient level of energy.

Ingredient List

This parameter is also very important when choosing the best survival food kit for you, since manufacturers include different ingredients in their kits. Please note that there are as few harmful substances and chemicals as possible. Any food should be as good as possible, and a chemical cocktail will not bring any benefit.


No one promises that survival food will be very tasty, but it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the recommendations on how to make them taste better. Nowadays, there are several useful tricks that you will like.


The package must completely protect your kit from light and excessive moisture. Usually, products are packaged in reliable aluminum cans, which protects against temperature extremes and provides adequate isolation from sunlight.

Shelf Life

This parameter of what makes the best survival food kit is one of the most important ones. As with any other product, you need to be very careful with expiration dates and adhere to them. Otherwise, survival can turn into a real catastrophe. Be careful and replace products when the expiration date is near.


After reviewing our top 10 products, we determined what we believe to be the best survival food kit in 2023. That kit is the Mountain House Essential Bucket. You should give preference to this best survival food kit for several reasons. First of all, it is well-packed and contains enough meals for 3 to 5 days. Additionally, it is developed by a trusted manufacturer that guarantees 30 years of perfect taste and condition. Also, all of the products included in this survival food kit will be trusted companions when you are planning a hike or a three-day fishing excursion out in the wild. As an added bonus, whenever you eat from this survival food kit you will no longer need to do the dishes and prepping meals ready won’t take more than a couple of minutes. So if you really want to be ready for emergency situations, take care when choosing which survival food kit to buy.