hunting with 308 rifle

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While shopping for the best gun for your shooting activities, there are several reasons you will want to settle for the best .308 rifle. To begin with, these guns are super sturdy, and they also possess quite tolerable recoil. There are several types of .308 firearms that you will come across when you go out there shopping for one. 

Finding the most perfect one for you isn’t a walk in the park, especially if it’s the first try in the .308 worlds. For that reason, we bring you .308 rifle reviews with everything there is to know about the piece and bring home the best .308 rifles for the money.

Why It Matters to Have the Right Firearm

Getting a quality gun may be costly, but it’s always a worthwhile investment. Moreover, having the right firearm ensures that you will get an accurate shot whenever you need it. Well, the piece you get to choose depends on your shooting needs and your personal preferences. Below are more of the reasons you’ll need to choose your best .308 rifle correctly: 

  • The gun that suits you physically will help you take accurate shots.  
  • The one that suits your most preferred shooting style will make your shooting sessions pretty exciting. 

What Makes the Best .308 Rifle?

To put your hands on the best .308 hunting rifle, there are several tips you’ll need to have in mind. Below are some useful hacks to help you make an informed decision once you go shopping for a .308 rifle. 

Smooth Bolt Action 

The bolt action is quite an important feature to look at when it comes to choosing a weapon because it highly determines how much you can achieve with the firearm. A smooth bolt action without stiffness will enable you to take quick shots when faced with dangerous situations or during sport shooting. 

Moreover, a bolt action that is too loose will also affect how quickly you can be able to respond during self-defense. Hence, you’ll need to look out for the most accurate .308 rifle with a bolt action that’s not too smooth or too stiff to be an obstacle. 

Price Range

The best 308 rifle comes with different prices, all dependent on your shooting needs and your budget. Shooting or hunting pieces always are better priced compared to the .308 tactical rifle for military activities. If you are out for a cheap rifle, we recommend comparing prices with various gun stores to find the one with the best prices. 

Accuracy on Short Range 

Whether you are looking for a firearm for hunting or tactical purposes, its accuracy is a vital element to look at. Precisely, your gun’s accuracy determines how well you will be able to face the enemy when it comes to defense. The .308 semi-auto rifle uses heavy bullets and is featured with high power, making it an ideal choice for hunting big games and accurate shooting in brushy areas. 

Though they work perfectly at a long-range and are also used by snippers, the heavy bullet and the lackluster features make them a less desirable option for long-range shooting. Nevertheless, you can always go for the possibility of using lighter bullets to make your .308 shooting experience more convenient. 


Getting a piece with a pleasant appearance is necessary but not as essential as taking home a quality firearm that will meet your shooting needs perfectly. Hence, ensure that you don’t overlook performance for an excellent-looking cheap .308 rifle that won’t be of service.

Rifle Type

Bolt Action Rifles

308 rifle in John Wick
Savage 10 BA .308 Winchester appearing in John Wick

As the name suggests, bolt action weapons are those that are manually operated. It involves loading rounds by pulling the bolt backward and pushing it in front to compartment the rounds. Though the piece comes with old technology, it can be relied on for hunting and military snipping activities.

Semi-automatic Rifles

Contrary to the bolt action firearms, the semi-automatic pieces come with a gas blowback system to chamber the rounds. The AR frame weapons are the most common type of semi-automatic guns you will encounter in the market.

.308 Battle Rifle 

The .308 battle gun is an updated version of the M14 rifle and is generally used by some military units as a chosen marksman weapon. What makes it a great battle piece is because it’s pretty easy to handle hence allowing you to make quick shots. Moreover, the piece is not the best when it comes to extreme long-range shooting. 

Choosing .308 Rifle for Hunting

While choosing your .308 rifle for hunting, you will need to also check out other important factors, including barrel length, scopes and stock materials, and metal materials. Let’s explore each of these elements here below. 

Barrel Length 

If you are looking for a hunting piece, don’t forget to look at the barrel length. Most barrel lengths range from 18 to 26 inches, but it is necessary to note that all lengths are not available with all the models. The length of the barrel has several factors that will affect your shooting precision. 

These include speed, the barrel’s stiffness, the weight, and the length of the piece. Furthermore, the longer the barrel, the more it will create the chances of wiggling. On the other hand, pieces with short barrels are way lighter compared to the long barrels. 


Having excellent optics while shooting is a great factor when it comes to aiming at your target accurately. With this in mind, having the right firearm scope will help you big time when it comes to your hunting activities. For big game hunting, you’ll need a 3-9x40mm while the adaptable big game will do with a 4 power scope. 

 Once you have gotten the correct scope, you can mount it on your best .308 semi-auto sniper rifle at your preferred mounting style. 

Stock Materials 

The stock is the main support structure that enables you to take your shots from the shoulder. Its materials include wood, plastic, laminated wood, plastic, and fiberglass. Wood is the traditional stock material with walnut being the most popular choice due to its intrinsic characteristics. 

Laminated wood is the most robust and most durable stock material among the stock materials you will encounter. Compared to walnut and synthetic types, laminated wood is usually heavier. Furthermore, synthetic stock materials are less affected by moisture and typically cheaper than the other stock materials. 

Metal Materials

Most metal materials that come with bolt action rifles include stainless steel and carbon steel. You will get carbon-made bolt action at a lower price, but it’s non-resistant to carbon steel. However, you could slow down rusting by treatment and proper maintenance. 

On the other hand, stainless steel is resistant to rust, but it’s more expensive than carbon steel. It’s usually silver in color but can be blackened by chemical coating or treatments. 

Choosing .308 Piece for Target Shooting

 A target shooting firearm tends to be heavier and bigger than a hunting rifle. Basically, target shooting is done while supported or resting on a bench. They also come with heavy barrels and stocks for enhanced stability. 

Choosing the Right .308 Rifle for Competition Shooting

When it comes to tactical or competition shooting, the gun requires the most demanding features. This is basically because there are instances that your life will solely depend on it. They also come a bit more costly than other types of firearms and are quite versatile. Precisely, what stands out in a competition piece is durability, accuracy, reliability, and dependability. The .308 sniper rifle meets that criterion. 

Reputable .308 Rifle Brands

Below, we highlight the best .308 rifle brands that you will come across as gathered from many reliable .308 rifle reviews. 


Ruger has been offering the best .308 rifles product lines for quite some time. This is for both hunting and tactical pieces. Moreover, Ruger has been a leading producer of hunting weapons with iron sights, a desired feature among serious shooters. 


The Remington brand brings the best of bolt action rifles in America. Though it is criticized for some unsafe issues with the trigger system, the brand continues to produce a good number of recognized budget firearms. 


Winchester is a short-gun Company since 1866 and has a name over the years for the best of quality and craftsmanship. It is well known for its signature .300 win mag rifle. 

Choosing the Right Ammo for .308 Rifle

The best ammo to use with your .308 firearm will be dependent on the use of your piece. However, have in mind that the bigger the ammo grain, the more power it will have to hit your target. 

Cleaning Tips for a .308 Rifle

Cleaning your .308 rifle properly may help in lengthening its life span. Here are tips for easy gun cleaning;

  • Always have a place to store small parts to avoid misplacements. 
  • Get enough space to do a proper cleaning. 
  • Find something to hold the gun in place. 

Final Word

Finding the best .308 piece could be the turnaround you have been looking forward to having the best of shooting sessions. Your part is going to the best local gun store for the best .308 rifle 2023.