1911 magazine

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Did you know that most issues with guns result from the magazine? This could either be because it is of low quality or as a result of mismatching, or it can be both. Whatever is the problem with yours, the good news is that you can always avoid making the same mistake by getting the right quality and the perfect match for your gun. 

Honestly, there is plenty of quality 1911 magazines out there, but the dilemma is in wading through all these brands to find the most ideal one for you. Well, to save you the trouble, we bring you an in-depth 1911 magazines reviews. It is making sure your decision is right the next time you go shopping for a 1911 magazine. 

Let’s get started, shall we? 

Why Should You Have a Variety of Magazines?

Having a variety of the best 1911 magazines has several benefits apart from making your shooting sessions worth some sweet memories. Actually, there will never come a time where you might end up saying you have too many because you will always appreciate having the extra stock. 

But if you are not convinced, below are some the benefits that come with owning several 1911 extended mags;

  • Quick Load and Reload¬†

Nobody wants to waste time when it comes to loading and reloading. This is especially if your shooting activities involve the interest of time. Having multiple ammo holding units with you will mean loading and reloading fast when in a competitive shooting situation. Such is contrary to having to load the rounds one by one. Sometimes, you may not have the pleasure of time, and those few seconds could save a life. 

  • Great for Back Up

Having several 1911 mags ensures that you always have a backup for any eventualities. At times, the loaded unit fails to work as expected, or they could break. In such instances, having some spare mags will definitely save the day! 

  • Self-Defense¬†

Hitting your target may not always come as naturally as you may imagine, especially when you are thoroughly tensed. It is said that police officers only hit their mark 35% of the time, yet they are trained for the job. You can guess how many times a beginner would have to miss. With this in mind, you will need an extra ammo-holding space to back you up when acting in defense or when adrenaline decides to get the better part of you. 

Considerations for Buying the Best 1911 Magazines

You should be aware of several factors if you want to walk home with the most reliable 1911 magazines for shooting. Hence, we bring you a buying guide with all there is to know about 1911 mags. This will include the different types of 1911 magazines, the most reliable manufacturers, and the features to consider before buying cheap 1911 magazines.  

Mag Types 

One critical information you should know is that besides the several brands of 9mm 1911 magazine brands we have in the market, they also come in different types that we are going to look at below. 

Primary Types 

Currently, there are three primary types of 1911 mags that you will come across at your favorite gun store. The one you get to settle for solely depends on your shooting needs and your personal preferences. 

  • GI 1911 Mags¬†

As the name suggests, these mags used to be given to the American GI soldiers. Back then, the GI was the standard-issued sidearm for the US military. 

Currently, the mags can take up to seven rounds of ammunition. They are basically designed only to function with FMJ ammunition, but originally they were meant for combat. Conclusively, they are not quite recommended for defensive use or competition purposes. Furthermore, GI mags are made from aluminum, steel, and polymer materials. 

  • Hybrid 1911 Mags¬†

These are some of the best high capacity 1911 magazines you could put your hands on. They have quite a reliable functionality, allowing rounds to spring pretty fast from the control into the feeding cycle. If you would love to use hollow points, the mags are a better choice compared to GI. Moreover, hybrid 1911 magazines are recommended for competitive shooting thanks to their outstanding reliability. 

  • Wadcutter 1911 Mags¬†

It is the best 1911 magazine for preventing double feed. Also, it is entirely compatible with the JHP ammo. Therefore, they allow smaller-size rounds to fit in the magazine’s space as well as using a similar feeding angle like that of rifle magazines. Wadcutter mags are great for high-end shooting roles with the capability of handling 200-grain bullets flying at 700 to 750 feet per second. 

Types by Stack 

In the pistol world, you will come across two main types: the double stack 1911 magazine and the single stack mag. 

  • Single Stack¬†

The mags have the cartridges placed directly on top of each other, which facilitates for reliability and simple concealment. Furthermore, they also have a low capacity, hence their lightweight design. 

  • Double Stacks¬†

Though the double stack 1911 mags enable you to carry plenty of ammunition around, the cartridges are stacked in a staggered position. Due to their high capacity, they also tend to be heavier. Moreover, the mags are more difficult to conceal and even thicker compared to the single stack magazines. 

Brand/Manufacturer Reputation

It is definite that the moment you part with a few bucks at the gun, you will be hoping to walk home with a quality extended 1911 magazine. For justification, it has to serve you right. Well, that begins with purchasing your magazine from a known, reliable manufacturer. 

Some reputable manufacturers are famous for manufacturing the best of 1911 magazines in the world. You can find the best mag manufacturer from 1911 magazines reviews online or from friends who have been using 1911 pistols. Some of the best mag manufacturers in the market include; 

  • Wilson Combat¬†

Wilson Combat manufactures splendid 1911 magazines with the user’s shooting needs in mind. They have been in the Industry since 1974. Therefore, they have built a name in the American firearm space over the years. They are what you would call a household name brand. 

  • Colt¬†

Colt is also a leading magazine company that was founded in 1836 by Samuel Colt. For years on end, the brand has become a big industry player to the point of providing firearms to the US military since then. 

  • Mec-Gar¬†

Mec-Gar is one of the best mag manufacturers. It was founded in 1965 solely to design high-quality mags. The company makes magazines from the best materials, including AISI 1010 carbon steel and 17-7 PH stainless steel. Moreover, they also manufacture factory magazines for particular renowned gun manufacturers. 


The pressure in the magazines’ springs is another important element to consider while purchasing compact 1911 magazines. This is because the higher the spring pressure, the better the performance. That a known hard rule among gun owners across the globe. Magazines have different pressure levels, and you will need to have in mind that your 1911 machine needs the best pressure for optimal performance. Anything less will be a total embarrassment, and money spent for zero value.¬†¬†

Non-stick Feature

This is quite an important feature, particularly in competitions or emergencies when you need to do the loading pretty quickly. Precisely, your life depends on how quickly you can load up your 1911 when it is time for a defense. A non-stick magazine will help you load fast and take a quick shot. 


The craftsmanship and aesthetics in making a mag basically define its physical and functional quality. Most 1911 mags come with a shiny finish that is highly visible when held in direct sunlight. However, the clear finish is also associated with poor grip, especially if you have slippery hands or when shooting in wet weather. On this, it would be wise to go for a firm grip other than an attractive shiny finish with a slippery grip. 

Final Word

With the above review on the best 1911 mag, you can now confidently choose the one that fits your needs. If you can do that, we have lived up to our promise to make the decision easy for you. The bottom line is that the type of magazine you carry around will highly determine the performance of your 1911. Your only role now is to visit your favorite gun store for the best 1911 magazines 2023 and make your pistol useful when you need it most! If you have friends who own 1911, share with them this good news. You may never know when they may come through for you when you are in enemy lines.