gun cleaning solvent

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Many people take countless hours online researching the best firearms, ammo, and accessories. However, they overlook gun cleaning solvents. Choosing the best gun cleaning solvent will leave your piece clean and improve how it shoots, how it feels in your hands, and will add a few more years to its lifespan.

There are other cleaning solutions and formulas such as rubbing alcohol, but if you are after the best cleaning power, we recommend that you use a firearm cleansing detergent. If you keep asking yourself,¬†“what is the best gun cleaner and lube?”¬†Then you are in the right place. We will hold your hand and give guidance on how to buy¬†the best gun cleaning supplies¬†on the market.

Top 7 Best Gun Cleaning Solvents: Comparison Chart

Product Type Volume
Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil Aerosol 6 oz
HOPPE’S M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner Aerosol 8 oz
Breakthrough Clean Gun Cleaning Solvent Liquid 16 oz
Mossy Oak Gun Oil CLP 8 oz
Break-Free CLP-4 Cleaner CLP 4 oz
Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber Cleaner Aerosol 15 oz
Great Stuff PRO Dispensing Gun Cleaner Foam 12 oz

Why You Need the Best Gun Cleaning Solvent

Most people overlook a firearm’s cleanliness, not knowing that dirt reduces the efficiency of your firearm. A¬†gun cleaning solvent¬†will get rid of the dirt and clean even the internal parts without effortlessly. Materials such as copper, powder residue, carbon, and lead can be cleaned off with the¬†best¬†gun cleaner solvents¬†and completely get off.

A gun cleaning solvent gives you the means to thoroughly clean your firearm hassle-free as long as you have a routine and possess the right tools for use. A well-cleaned and maintained piece functions properly and has a longer lifespan.

Benefits of Using Firearm Cleaners

  • They clean the interior of the piece well. While a brush or patch might do a good job as a cleaner in rubbing the exterior of the weapon, they will not leave the interior of your firearm clean and spick.¬†
  • Clean a wider range of materials that can damage your piece than other types of cleaners. They remove not only dirt but also residue left when you fire.
  • Agun solvent offers¬†a hassle-free way to clean your piece. Cleaning sprays save you on time, money and are a low-maintenance way to keep your piece in shape.
  • When used in the right way,¬†gun solvents¬†will add several years to your weapon‚Äôs lifespan.

Buying the Right Cleanser for Your Piece

To pick the best-rated gun cleaning solvents, there are a few factors that you will need to consider. They include;

Rifle Compatibility and Cleaner Versatility

Some cleansing creams can be used on all types of weapons, but most detergent formulas are very limited in their specific use and are only favorable for a given type of firearm. The wrong gun cleaning solvent on the wrong piece will cause corrosion or other damage. If you have a rifle collection, we recommend getting a multipurpose cleanser that can be used across firearms.

When shopping for a multipurpose formula, get one that is not just a cleaning solution but rather one that will protect your piece as well. A versatile product will save you more money in the long run as you will get everything in one solution.

Fast Action and Potent Formula

The best gun cleaner takes out the grime stuck inside your rifle fast and is tough on the gunk inside. However, if you want to clean your tool slowly, which is therapeutic to many, you might want to consider slow-acting formulas. What sets the two apart is while fast and powerful formulas will be quick to dispel any residue or grime in your piece, they tend to contain toxic and abrasive chemicals. If not used properly, such cleaners can harm you or your weapon. Therefore, you should practice caution when using them. 


As mentioned above, some of these cleansers and formulas contain harmful chemicals, which, if in contact with your skin will harm you. In other cases, if breathed in, they are toxic to your internal organs. Ensure that the formula comes in the right packaging to protect it from spills and fire or flame. Actually, most of these are easily flammable and might catch fire even when left under direct sunlight. 

For safety reasons, ensure that you choose the best non-toxic gun cleaning solvents if it is your first time doing this.

Keep your gun cleaning solvent in a tightly sealed bottle, clean and away from children, and direct sunlight.


If you have one or two rifles, a small bottle will be enough for you. But if your pieces run to several numbers or a whole collection, you will need a larger bottle or a firearm cleaning kit to ensure you are not running to the store every few days or in the middle of a cleaning session. Besides, it is also much cheaper for you when you buy a larger bottle than several miniature bottles.

Cleaner Type

There are different kinds of gun solvent you can choose from, and while a new owner might have a hard time picking one, a quick hack would be going through several gun cleaning solvent reviews for the best guidance. We have simplified this for you and reviewed some below: 


Liquid solvents are the best for lead, copper, and carbon residue left behind when you fire. They are applied to a brush or patch of cloth and used on the bore. With liquid cleaners, you do not have to worry about buying multiple types to do a proper cleaning. However, they are messy when cleansing, and their design makes it hard for one to control pouring. It may mean that you will end up using too much of the solvent if you do not take extra precautions. Such will leave too much grease behind and make handling of the firearm harder.


For cleaning the moving parts of your weapon, like the rail and the firing mechanism, we recommend using foam-based solvents. They are packed in a pump and, therefore, easy to handle and control. They dispense the foam at a thinner consistency that is not matched by liquid solvents. These gun cleaning solvents are excellent with removing any old built-up gunk from your piece as you simply soak up for a few minutes then wipe it down.


Though aerosols are easy to use compared to liquid and foam solvents, they are more susceptible to waste than the two. Nevertheless, they are great for moving parts and removing stubborn debris and gunk. They have a high consistency rate that makes them penetrate the moving parts much easier. They also offer a non-toxic and odorless gun cleaner and solvent that gives you a good cleaning experience.


Clean Lubricate and Protect is a type of chemical solvent that performs all these three functions. Chemicals contained in CLP will remove any built-up grime, protect the weapon from corrosion, and provide lubrication to the moving parts and the entire piece. This chemical solvent works well at restoring old pieces you have bought and needs cleaning.

Over application of gun cleaning solvents make it hard for you to use your rifle. Due to its ease in penetrating parts, it quickly builds up in places hard to reach, which will hinder the working of your rifle, resulting in inefficiencies. We recommend using CLP solvents only for quick fixes rather than an alternative to proper care, repair, and maintenance. 

Useful Tips for Cleaning Your Rifle

There are guidelines that you ought to follow when washing your weapon to ensure you are safe and correctly handle your firearm to avoid harm and damage. We have some for you below:

  • Make sure you use certified products and cleansing brands
  • Take your time when wiping your firearm to ensure you do it properly.
  • Unload your piece before you start to avoid any accidental discharge.
  • Use eye protection as any splash will harm your eyes.
  • Ensure you know how to disassemble and assemble your piece well before cleaning to avoid breaking or damaging parts.
  • Once done, test it to ensure it works properly.

Common Questions and Answers

To ensure that you have the right rifle and understand how gun cleaning solvent works, we found answers to some common questions from gun cleaning solvent reviews:

Are the cleansing detergents toxic?

Yes, but not all. Some cleaners contain incredibly toxic chemicals that are harmful to your skin and poisonous if ingested. You should keep your gun solvent in safe storage away from children and pets and use it in a well-ventilated area. Adhere to all guidelines on the packaging on its use and storage and keep in mind that these are highly flammable liquids. Therefore, be extra cautious when using it and ensure it is stored away from direct sunlight.

Can I overly clean my weapon?

As long as you follow the right process, there is not such a thing as doing it too much. However, if you do not have the best gun cleaning supplies such as patches, brush, and a specialized solvent, avoid the task. The wrong tools will damage the interior or scratch the barrel.

Is it advisable to store my weapon for several months after cleansing it?

If you are not using your piece, you can. We also recommend cleaning it once every four months or twice a year. If you, however, use it often, we recommend cleaning it after every use. If for recreational use, clean it once it does 200 rounds.

Final Word

If you want your weapon to give you great service and last longer, we recommend giving it a nice rub down as often as possible, depending on the use. A well-cleaned piece also fires twice as well, and excellently cleaned rails ensure the moving parts function properly. Choose the best gun cleaning products for use to get the best value for your cash. With the tips above, we hope you can choose the best gun cleaning solvent 2023 that boosts your shooting prowess and give you a straight-shooting firearm.