Best 4 Person Tents

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It is perfect for a small group of friends or a family that is planning a camping trip or a long seaside vacation. You don’t need to be an expert to choose the best 4 person tent; however, with many different models and specifications out there, the task can be difficult for some. That’s why we went through tens of reviews for the best ones suggestions to select the ones that were backed up by facts and customer reviews. We hope that our choices for the best tent will fit every type of camper out there. We prepared a long list of reviews as well as a complete buying guide. Are you ready to start your journey to buy? Let’s get started!

Top 10 Best 4 Person Tents: Comparison Table

Product Type Fabric Pole Material Floor Area Weight
Coleman Sundome Tent Dome Polyester Fiberglass 63 sq. ft. 9.8 pounds
Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup Cabin 150D Polyester Steel 56 sq. ft. 18 pounds
Gazelle Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Overlanding Tent Overlanded Polyester Fiberglass 61 sq. ft. 28.7 pounds
ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent Dome Polyester Aluminium 64 sq. ft. 8.6 pounds
ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 4-Person Tent Cabin 75D Polyester Fiberglass 64 sq. ft. 20 pounds
CORE 4 Person / 6 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent Cabin 68D Polyester Steel 90 sq. ft. 18.6 pounds
Eureka Copper Canyon 4-Person Tent Cabin 75D Polyester Steel 64 sq. ft. 18.6 pounds
MSR Lightweight Backpacking Tent Dome Polyester Aluminium 54 sq. ft. 9.19 pounds
KAZOO Outdoor Camping Cabin Polyester Fiberglass 58 sq. ft. 10.7 pounds
Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent Pop-up  Polyester Fiberglass 60 sq. ft. 6.41 pounds

Best 4 Person Tent Buying Guide

After COVID-19 lockdown, more and more people want to spend as much time outdoors as they possibly can.  That said, it is not surprising to see that the interest in camping and the sale of camping equipment increase rapidly. But when you are a beginner camper, it is to be expected that you are not informed about which equipment is best for you. Especially when it comes to choosing between single, double, or four person tent models. We recommend a four person tent as a spacious option suitable for individuals or couples who want to have more space or small families.  These tents aren’t very expensive in general, but they do cost more than smaller tents, so it is good to have more information to decide whether they are right for you.  We know that choosing a tent when you are not experienced isn’t that simple as there are different factors to consider. We created with the desire to help you out these 4 person tent reviews and buyer’s guide.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 4 Person Tents


  • The majority of these tents are lightweight and it is relatively simple to pack and carry them so they are good backpacking tent options.
  • They take much less space than standard cabin tents.
  • They are easy to assemble and disassemble.


  • Keep in mind that these tents come in different sizes. If you are planning to share a tent with friends, you have to pay attention to the dimensions when you are buying a tent.
  • Some people might find it inadequate for four persons.

Criteria Used for the Evaluation


When getting a 4-man tent, make sure that it can actually fit 4 adults. Unfortunately, there are a lot of models out there that advertise as such; however, they can barely handle 3 people. A proper 4-person camping tent should fit two queen-size mattresses.

Seasonality and Weather Resistance

The best 4-person camping tent is one that can be used in all three seasons (except winter). Since the temperatures are not extremely different, with the proper sleeping bags, you can get one product for all seasons. Also, they come with extra layers to add when temperatures decrease.


The weight is extremely important in best camping tents if you are planning to go for a longer hike and the camp needs to be changed on a daily basis. The materials influence weight and going for fiberglass, aluminum, and nylon can dramatically influence the weight. The best tents are lightweight and easy to set up.

Clip-On or Sleeves

All tents have poles and canopy. There are two ways of attaching canopy to the poles, and this affects the ease of setup.  Clip – ons are easier to attach, and they provide better airflow but they are not as durable as sleeves. If you buy the one with sleeves, you have more guarantees that it is a waterproof tent.

Perks of a Freestanding Tent

Many of these models are freestanding tents, which is one of the main reasons they are so popular. As their name suggests, when you have this type of tent, you don’t need stakes. They stand on their own supported by additional poles. They are a favorite choice of passionate campers and backpackers because they can easily be moved from one place to another.

What Features Should I Look at When Purchasing My Four Man Tent?

There are numerous features to look out for when shopping for a best 4 person tent, and they vary depending on what you need. However, the standard features are:

  • Volume: Check out the actual volume of a model, not just from a piece of paper. If they have it set up at a store, check it out. Go inside the product and decide if this is the best camping tent for you and your family.
  • Floor: Make sure to check the floor and the material it is made of. Another important aspect of the floor is its surface area. You need to make sure everyone will fit comfortably in the 4-man tent.
  • Peak height: The higher it goes, the more interior space you get.
  • Rainfly: Checking out the rainfly can tell you how much light actually enters inside. If you go for brighter colors, you get a lot of light and the feeling of a larger and cozier space.
  • Doors: Make sure the locking mechanism is easy to operate, and you can secure it when needed.
  • Ventilation: Moisture can easily build up merely from people breathing inside. This means you need good air ventilation through mesh panels or other special openings in the tent.

Best 4 Person Tent Brands


Coleman is a company with an excellent reputation that comes from a long tradition of making camping equipment. It started when its founder made the first portable gas-powered lantern in 1914. From there on, they started developing the business to become the leader in making equipment for camping, tracking as well as many other outdoor activities.

ALPS  Mountaineering

It is another fantastic manufacturer of equipment for nature lovers. Its founder Dennis Brune had a first long career in another mountaineering company Kelty. However, he understood that he wishes to provide something different to his customers and in 1993 he founded ALPS Mountaineering. His always innovative products brought the company at the top of the list of best manufacturers of tents and mountaineering equipment. In our opinion, this manufacturer makes some of the best 4 person tent 2023 models and much more.


Since 1952 Kelty has been a manufacturer of sleeping bags, tents, and high-quality backpacks designed for hiking, mountain climbing, and camping. They are known as a company that uses the highest quality materials to make durable equipment that is simple to use. Kelty makes fantastic four-person tents ideal for backpackers.


What Tent Construction Features Do I Need to Consider Before Using My Tent?

Before taking your 4-person tent out for a spin, you should take it for a trial run first. In your backyard or around the house, it is the perfect territory to try out the model so you can fully understand the mechanics behind it and learn how to construct it. For freestanding models, the setting-up process is shorter and easier because you do not need stakes. After deciding if your product is freestanding or not, check the pole hubs. These are awesome features that make the assembly process easier. You need to remove the folded sections and straighten them to create the skeleton for the canvas. They also increase the stability of the entire construction to provide maximum comfort.

What Materials Should I Consider When Purchasing My Tent?

When shopping for the best 4-person tent; it is important to pay attention to materials. Aluminum is the key ingredient to make the tent lightweight enough to be carried around. Switching to fabrics, most high-quality models are made out of polyester and nylon fibers.

What Are the Weight Guidelines?

The weight criteria of a tent for 4 person are minimum trail weight, packaged weight, and packed weight. The first one determines how much the minimum requirements would weigh if you want to carry it with you on a trail. The second one indicates the weight of the actual package you receive when buying it.

Should I Purchase a Three-Season Tent?

Yes, this is the best approach since you will cut down on the costs of buying a large tent for each season. Just make sure you never plan a winter trip with such a model as it doesn’t provide the protection you need.

Best 4 Person Tent – Final Advice

We would like to end our journey towards finding the best big tent with some of the most important aspects of owning a high-quality product. Not only will a 4-person tent increase the successful chances of your family trip, but you will also discover that a 4-person backpacking tent can dramatically change the comfort level and even the length of such trips. The Coleman Sundome Tent is the best 4 person tent in our book, thanks to the materials used, ventilation properties, and very easy setup. So, if you haven’t yet decided on the good 4-person tent until now, you can make a safe bet and buy this one.