Best Air Mattress for Camping

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The degree of satisfaction with camping depends on the right choice of tourist gear, including the best air mattress for camping, so it is very important to carefully choose the equipment and household supplies you need during the hike. Today, it is possible to pick the best high-quality air mattress for camping. It will be a compact and lightweight bed that can be formed in just 3-5 minutes by inflating with air. The best air mattress for camping is a modern magic wand and flying carpet in one bottle. If you have taken a camping air mattress with you, then you will surely be able to sleep well and enjoy a good rest in the lap of nature.


In the overwhelming majority of cases, this brilliant invention is made from durable and wear-resistant synthetic materials based on vinyl: elastic, dense polyvinyl chloride is used more often than others. The outer upper part of the air mattress is usually non-slip, which is not only pleasant but also very practical. PVC is a waterproof material; therefore, products made from it are adapted for use close to the water or directly on the water. Since you won’t generally find outlets and other sources of electricity on a camping trip, picnic, or during a country holiday, such products are equipped with an autonomous pump that runs on a battery or car cigarette lighter.

Unlike other types of equipment, an air mattress for camping will provide you with not only a comfortable but also a warm sleeping place on any relatively flat piece of land – on the bank of a river, lake, in a meadow, forest, at the foot of the mountains, etc.

Which is the Best Air Mattress to Buy?

If you need to buy the best air mattress, do not forget that the quality of your sleep will depend on the quality of the product chosen. The best idea would be to give preference to a cup-shaped version as this type of air mattress has an additional orthopedic effect, and your spine will feel quite comfortable. Intex and Coleman offer double mattresses with an integrated pump and a velour surface.

Also, if there is a question about choosing an inflatable unit in the tent, then it is better to get models from a more dense material, so you will have a more comfortable rest while traveling or hiking.

What is the Best Thing to Sleep on While Camping?

Sleeping close to the campfire is a nice idea, but it’s also necessary to think about the quality of sleep. Even if your tent is excellent, you need to take care of a place to sleep on. With an air mattress, you won’t sleep on the ground and won’t hurt your back. At the same time, you will have a chance to sleep well and won’t get cold.

Are Blow-up Beds Comfortable?

Blow-up beds may be a universal solution for sleeping. It is easy to use as a basic or additional bed, to take camping or on the beach. It is worth remembering that good sleep depends a lot on the thickness of the product. Only beds that are able to support the spine in a physiologically correct position have an orthopedic effect. That is, the spinal column should have a correct bend, where the hips will fall lower, and the lumbar region falls less. To sum up, the opinion that such a bed can replace the usual one is not true.

How Can I Make My Mattress More Comfortable?

First of all, it is necessary to choose an appropriate surface to put the mattress on. Then spread the sheets and covers properly, so the air inside the bed is warm enough. If you add a topper to your bedding, the level of comfort will also be improved. In addition, it would be great to add some air pillows. In this case, your sleep will be more comfortable.

It is necessary to choose an air mattress for camping with special care and zeal. After all, this thing is not a one-time, and, therefore, if you make the wrong choice, you will either have to spend extra money on purchasing another option or endure poor rest. That’s why it is necessary to consider all appropriate details. Our rating of the top-selling products and camping air mattress reviews will be helpful for people who want to make the right choice from the first try.


Comfortable sleep is an important condition for a successful time spent in nature. Those who are afraid of thin tourist mats are offered a great alternative – a camping air mattress. It is thicker than a rug, more compact than a folding bed, and soft as a home bed. But what are the main types of these products?


For Tents

Today, manufacturers provide air mattresses for tents, which are designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts. These models can withstand temperatures up to 12º. For these products, the manufacturer has chosen thermoplastic polyurethane that is especially durable against tearing and puncturing. Moreover, these items are lightweight, so the role of the most comfortable sleeping place to use in a tent is easily handled.

The internal structure is formed by longitudinal membranes consisting of thousands of polyester fibers. They combine the upper and lower parts of the product into a single whole, providing the most comfortable rigidity and perfect stability. Compact parameters automatically translate them into optimal models for the tent. Modern variants are even equipped with a built-in electric battery pump that can be charged via USB or from a car cigarette lighter.

For Outdoor Recreation

Preparing for a fully-fledged hiking trip is a rather troublesome activity since you need to take care of parking arrangements, overnight safety, meals, etc. Another thing is interesting leisure time in the fresh air, for example, on a regular or long weekend. If you are going to spend the night, then you’ll need the most comfortable camping mattress.

There are several ways to use inflatable mattresses for recreation. Since short-term outdoor recreation is usually arranged on the shore of a river, it is reasonable to use one-and-a-half, and better – best double models as a sunbed. Sunbathing, enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of local landscapes while lying on such a spacious platform is pleasant and comfortable. Of course, these products are excellent on water, so they can be safely used as a raft. Also, on the shore, you can organize a playground for children. By the way, if you intend to use it mainly as a bed, buy an air mattress with a headrest.


Depending on the purpose, specific requirements are imposed on different types of mattresses to achieve the maximum functionality of the product.



This is about the total weight of the unit. The lighter the product, the more convenient it is to carry. At the same time, thinner materials are often used to reduce weight than in similar models, which accordingly affects both the maximum load and the overall reliability.

Maximum Load

The greatest weight of the user or load in which the mattress can be safely operated – that is, use it for its intended purpose regularly and for a long time without fear of damage due to overload. Moreover, as the pressure is evenly distributed throughout the shell, you cannot only lie on the bed but also sit and even stand. But it is impossible to exceed the maximum load: even if the shell does not burst immediately, it could occur at any moment.

Also, note that this parameter is calculated for normal working pressure; in case of excessive pumping, the stress experienced by the shell may exceed the calculated load, so don’t exceed the maximum allowed.

Number of Air Chambers

The number of individual compartments provided in the design of the unit. In most cases, there is only one compartment, but there may be 2 or even 3. Each chamber has its own valve and is inflated separately.

Based on camping air mattress reviews, initially, multi-chamber shells were created for reasons of reliability: when punctured, the air will come out of only one chamber. However, for air mattresses, this is not very relevant, and several compartments are usually provided for other purposes. So, in the classic models, such compartments are connected, which allows the product to bend – this can be useful, for example, with noticeable agitation on the water.


Consider the type of pump that comes with the mattress or built into it directly.

  • Mechanical. This is the simplest type of pump, driven by the user’s strength. In other words, to inflate, you need to move the handle or push the pedal yourself. Such devices are less convenient than electric ones, and pumping a large unit can be quite a tedious task.
  • Electric. Pumps powered by electricity – from the electricity network or batteries. Inflating the bed with this type of pump requires a minimum of effort – it is enough to connect the device to the valve (if necessary) and turn on the power. At the same time, such devices are more expensive than mechanical ones; they are very sensitive to moisture.

Some mattress models are not equipped with pumps at all. You should pay attention to this option if you already have a pump.


These are the dimensions of the mattress inflated to the optimum pressure. The length of the product should correspond to the height of the user, the width should correspond to the physique, and both of these sizes correspond to the size of the place where you plan to place the bed.


It is recommended to choose models from famous brands, but there might be some problems. That’s why it’s better to check the reviews on the durability and performance of the air mattress for camping. Pros and cons always matter.


It is possible to choose any variant of air mattress that would fit any budget. The models that don’t cost a lot of money are usually less durable and don’t have a full set of useful features. For example, air beds with an electric pump are more expensive than mechanical ones. But if you have already bought such a product separately, there is no sense to overplay.


Now you know all the peculiarities of choosing the best air mattress for camping, it’s high time to speak a bit more about our top pick. Without any doubt, the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology is the best air mattress for camping in 2023. It has thousands of reviews by happy owners, who are amazed by the features of this air mattress. It is designed with ComfortCoil Technology and has a special SureGrip bottom that is responsible for excellent stability. Thanks to the internal pump, you no longer need to buy and take a separate device with you on the trip. Moreover, this air mattress gets inflated within 4 minutes, and the process itself doesn’t require any special effort. The double-height size allows sleeping higher over the ground. Finally, this model has a waterproof top. So, if you need an air mattress for camping, choose this variant, and you will be satisfied with a purchase.