Best Hunting Pants for New Hunters in 2023

top pants for hunting

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Many people like to spend their time in the great outdoors and get close to wildlife. In the United States alone, around 101.6 million people engaged in wildlife-related activities back in 2016. These activities included hunting and fishing. This only proves how useful it is to have the best hunting pants. Why?

Because when you’re out hunting, the clothes you wear are a major factor of how well-protected you are against the environmental elements. Not to mention, the right clothing can help you stay comfortable longer, which will keep you in a better condition while hunting for deer.

Having a good pair of insulated hunting pants can help you blend in better with your surroundings, minimizing the chances that you’ll accidentally alert the animal you’re targeting. Moreover, they also allow you to stay warm in colder climates as well as protect you from scraping against rocks and branches.

In this article, we’re going to tell you the best pair of hunting pants for the year as well as what to look out for when looking for other options.

Top 7 Best Hunting Pants: Comparison Table

Brand Size Range Fabric Pockets Water Resistance
Mossy Oak S – XXXL 58% Cotton, 39% Polyester, 3% Spandex 6 No
King’s Camo S – XXL 100% Polyester 6 No
NEW VIEW M – XXXL 96% Nylon, 4% Spandex n/a Yes
EHG Elite M – XXL 100% Polyester 4 Water repellent
SITKA Gear 32 – 44 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex 2 Water repellent
Kryptek XS – XXXL 100% Polyester Micro Fleece, DWR 2 Yes
TrailCrest XL, XXL 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester 6 No

Advantages of Quality Hunting Pants

When buying hunting pants, it is always recommended to buy a pair made of good quality. While getting a pair from no-name brands randomly picked at Walmart will do, there are a lot of advantages if you decide to go for a high-quality one. Now, what makes the hunting pants the best? Let’s take a look at several advantages you get:

  • Camouflage

Quality hunting pants will be able to keep you hidden from your game with colors and patterns appropriate for your hunting environment. Some even have smell blocking technologies to help you get closer to your game.

  • Protection

A good set of winter hunting pants will be able to keep you covered from the external environment whether it’s extreme weather or harsh terrain. This is incredibly important as this means that you will stay dry and warm throughout your hunt. They must also be waterproof, so always make sure to choose only the best waterproof hunting pants.

  • Comfort

Best hunting pants of high quality are a lot more comfortable to wear. You will be out hunting for many hours on end, and if you’re doing so while wearing uncomfortable clothes, it may hinder you from succeeding on your hunt. Good pants will allow you to hunt, trek, and move comfortably for a longer period. Some will even have a lot of adjustment options to ensure the best fit.

Types of Hunting Pants

In order to get the most comfort and protection from your clothing, you need to consider whether they’re appropriate for your hunting location. Moreover, choosing the most appropriate pair will help you stay out in the environment for longer until you get that prized game.

Lowland Pants

These pants are made for environments with low elevation where water sources are a common sight. Lowland pants are made to keep you dry and warm while hunting. These pants can vary in thickness, but all of them use a waterproof material. They are often used along with rain jackets and waterproof hunting boots.

Aside from this, lowland pants also protect the hunter from other environmental factors such as rough terrain near water. As we learned from a lot of hunting pants reviews, this is thanks to the material also having the ability to resist rips as well as abrasion from rocks and other rough surfaces that you might come across during your hunt.

Highland Pants

Made for mountainous areas and tundras, upland hunting pants are made with higher durability due to the fact that these areas have rougher terrain and stronger winds. These are lightweight hunting pants, known for being no-frills yet comfortable to wear. And they’re also breathable, but sadly, not very water-resistant.

Some pants of this type are even reinforced with padding on the knees which will allow you to comfortably scramble and crawl around the area. Because they weigh less, highland pants are also more silent, allowing you to sneak closer to your game to have a better shot.

Cold Weather Pants

Keeping yourself warm and toasty is essential to hunting in extremely cold weather. You’d need something to keep your body from getting cold while you wait for the perfect time to make a move on your target. One downside of these pants is that they are heavier than the previous types due to the amount of insulation. When choosing cold weather hunting pants, choose one that is heavy enough to provide sufficient warmth while still being comfortable to wear.

Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Hunting Pants

Now that you’ve gone through a bit more information, you may already have an idea about what hunting pants are all about as well as their types and advantages. Maybe you’re now wondering what to look for in hunting pants? If so, we have got you covered. Read on and we’ll tell you all you have to know.


When it comes to sizing, choosing the right hunting pants can be tricky. Just like other forms of clothing, clothing brands use different charts to base their sizes on. Some brands may offer a size that’s bigger or smaller than other brands. Choosing hunting pants with the right sizing is important to maintain comfort and avoid accidents.

Pants that are too long can drag and make your trip. On the other hand, pants that are too short can compromise your seal from the elements, letting moisture and cold air in. With that said, it’s not a bad idea to wear warm hunting pants that are a bit too large as this can give you space to wear inner layers if you need more protection or insulation.

The best way to know what size is right for you is by trying on the pants themselves, but given the current global situation, reading hunting pants reviews online and the FAQ sections can help you gauge the sizing.


While traditional hunting pants used to be made of wool, cotton, and other traditional fabrics, modern pairs make use of polyester and nylon blends. This makes them lighter and more comfortable depending on the type and need. Materials nowadays also feature technologies to improve comfort and durability such as Gore-Tex hunting pants, made of waterproof and breathable fabric membrane.

When choosing which material best suits your hunting needs, it is important to know some of its pros and cons. For example, while waterproof hunting pants are great at protecting you from moisture and keeping you comfortable, they tend to be loud which can alert the game you are hunting. On the other hand, a lightweight and breathable material can be great for mobility, but may not be as insulating as thicker and heavier materials. With all that said, the best material for you is the one that is suitable for your hunting environment that does not sacrifice your comfort.


To keep you protected in the most extreme conditions for long periods, your hunting pants must also be durable. In general, your pants should be able to resist rips, snags, and other forms of abrasion. Some of the best hunting pants have anti-rip technology with extra reinforcement on crucial areas so that they can last you for a longer time.

Camouflage Colors

Animals have keen senses so they can easily be startled by the slightest action or sound. Investing in a pair of camo hunting pants that have additional features that will allow you to hide better within your environment is beneficial in order to get closer to your target.

Better camouflage colors and smell-blocking technology allow you to stay hidden more effectively thereby lessening the chances of startling your game. When choosing a pattern, make sure that the colors match your chosen area, so you can be less visible.

If you’re wondering whether there are certain colors you need to avoid when hunting and what to wear when deer hunting, then you’re in luck. Deers can easily see blue shades, so don’t wear them.


And that’s all! We worked with a lot of information to bring you the best hunting pants 2023 review. So hopefully our work helped you learn more about hunting pants and what to consider before buying them! If you take all these factors and your personal preferences into consideration, you’ll be sure to find your perfect pair in no time! Keep these tips in mind and happy hunting!