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If you are wondering what exactly is a machete, then basically, it is a type of a broad blade that is similar to an ax. It is mostly used for farming-related works but it is also used in a battle as a long-bladed knife. Therefore, it is used both for day-to-day purposes as well as a weapon for protection. But according to the best machete reviews, it is not as powerful as a weapon, so it is best suited for agriculture purposes. You must invest in a high-end machete that can perform efficiently most of the time.  But there are a lot of vital points to be kept in mind while buying a machete. So, start the article if you want to know the exact details about the best machete on the market.

Top 7 Best Machetes: Comparison Table

Brand Type Blade Length Blade Material Handle Material Weight
Condor Tool & Knife Golok 14 inches 1075 high carbon steel Walnut 7 ounces
Gerber Gator Bolo Machete Bolo 15.5 inches 1050 steel Gator Grip 20.8 ounces
Ontario Knife Company Military Machete Military 18 inches 1095 carbon steel Micarta 22.4 ounces
Tramontina Machete Bolo 14.5 inches 1070 high carbon steel Wood 7 ounces
KA-BAR Kukri Machete Kukri 11.5 inches 1085 carbon steel TPR 27.2 ounces
Columbia River Knife & Tool Parang 18 inches 65Mn carbon steel PP core with TPR overmold 6.1 ounces
Hooyman Machete with Heavy Duty Construction Kukri 11 inches 3CR13 stainless steel n/a 28.8 ounces

The Best Machete: Buyer’s Guide

Blade Material and Appropriate Thickness

You will find blades with varying thickness all over the market. According to the best machete 2020 survey, it is seen that the best blade thickness is anything between 3 mm to 4.5 mm. If you invest in less than 3mm thickness, then it would be too fragile for daily use. And the one above 4.5 mm thick will be too heavy and tiring to work with. Invest for the mid-thickness in this range as it is enough for cutting bamboos, brushes, and limbs. 

The three types of machete materials  are as follows:

  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is an addition of nickel and chromium to carbon steel. Nickel and chromium coating prevents rusting and helps to increase the lifespan of the blade. But it is softer than carbon steel due to which it becomes dull sooner. Anyway, you can re-sharpen it to make it work better again.
  • Carbon Steel: Carbon steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, and is perfect for heavy-duty. Carbon helps to increase the strength and hardness of the alloy. It has been used to make blades for ages. Although it retains the sharpness longer than stainless steel, it gets rusted sooner. To prevent it from getting rusty, you will have to keep the machete away from moisture.
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel: High carbon steel is a new variant in the market of blade material. It combines the pros of both stainless steel and carbon steel. It will stay sharp in the long run and will also not get rusted soon, which is obviously amazing! The only con of this material is its high cost, other than that it provides great quality for the best all-around machete.

Machete Blade Styles

different machete styles

Latin Style

Latin style blade is great for cutting through dense brush. It suits mostly all purposes because of its long blade and evenly distributed weight. It is a fairly stout bit that has a straight back. This shape of the Latin style edge allows it to fit in a sheath easily and can be carried comfortably wherever needed. It is a perfect jungle machete for cutting green vegetation.

Bolo Style

Bolo style is best made for chopping among all other machete types. The weight of its blade is concentrated in the forward section and it has a smaller handle compared to most other styles. It is best suited for crops like rice, mung beans, soya beans, and so on. 

Kukri Style

This is a great machete style that has been used for over a hundred years now. It is capable of serving mostly all needs, therefore, is a great choice. This style has perfect serrated sharpness that is beneficial for heavy cutting. Using this you can easily cut any brush or campsite of your choice. It is also famously known as the Gurkha blade because of its origin from Gurkha.

Golok Style

As per the machete reviews, golok is also made with the best chopping skills. It too has its weight placed forward and is better made for agriculture compared to kukri. It has a curved back and is less deadly than kukri when in the wrong hands. 

Parang Style

Golok and parang are quite similar to each other except for the fact that parang is a bit larger than golok. It can be used to cut down crops and brushes. 

Blade Length

The blade length mostly varies from 10 inches to 28 inches. The most common and appropriate edge length is 18 inches. The ideal blade length for you depends on the use as well. If you are planning to use it for heavy purposes, then buy a larger one. But remember that a large bit will decrease the portability of the best machete. Short edges are more portable but cannot perform heavy tasks. Therefore, decide the purpose of the tool first and then choose the blade length accordingly.

Material and Style of the Handle

  • Wood: The wooden handle feels much warm and comfortable in hand. You can easily wash them to get rid of any bacteria in it. Although this one is a bit expensive, its elegant texture and high usability is the reason why it is used in making the best machete in the world.
  • Moulded Plastic: It is less expensive than wooden handles and demands less maintenance. But when used in wet conditions, it is slippery to hold. Also, with time its color might fade.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel handles make a tactical machete look quite elegant but it is heavy, slippery, and expensive. Therefore, it might not stand up to the expectations when used.
  • Rubber or Textured: This handle style is admired the most for its soft feel and high-quality grip. But it is not very long-lasting and demands replacement.
  • Micarta: Micarta is the best handle material that is preferred in most of the top-rated machetes. It is not only well-built but also provides an excellent grip and feels comfortable in hand.


Sheaths are available in different materials. We would recommend you invest in a leather sheath because that lasts the longest of all materials. Nylon sheaths wear out sooner. Make sure that the scabbard you buy is appropriate for the size of the blade you own.

Best Machete Brands

Out of so many brands available, we have listed for you the best machete brands as follows:

Condor Tool & Knife

Condor is the world’s largest machete manufacturers. They are a division of Imacasa. This brand is in operation since the year 1964 and is well known for providing the best hunting machete. Therefore, this Colombian brand is highly trustable and you can buy from it without thinking twice.


Gerber was founded in the year 1939 in Oregon. It is renowned for making the best survival machete and swords. They manufacture robust quality hand-forged tools that are durable and can last for years. It has dominated the worldwide market including the African market. So, it is an awesome brand to buy from.

Ontario Knife Company

Ontario was founded in the year 1889 in Naples, New York. They sell their products to both the government as well as the civilians. They make swords for the US military. Their blades are also used by policemen, farmers, hunters, and so on. They manufacture well-built machetes that can be trusted anytime and every time.


Tramontina is a Brazilian based company founded in the year of 1911. They not only manufacture machetes but also sell cookware, kitchen accessories, pressure cookers, flatware, tableware, kitchen tools, and so on. Their products are used by millions of people worldwide. Therefore, you can rely on the build quality of their camping machetes and invest in them.


It is a US-based company founded in the year 1942. It supplies a huge variety of tools to the US Navy. The built structure, durability, and performance of their tools are incomparable. They also manufacture two-handed tools apart from tactical knives and hunters’ machetes. They dominate the Japanese market greatly. You must invest in this brand if you want tools that last in the long run.

Verdict and Recommendations 2023

We hope this article was able to help you know a lot about the best machete 2023. It is highly recommended that you choose a brand from the above-mentioned top brands’ list so that you can enjoy the best tools without any trouble. Also, while investing keep in mind the purpose of buying the tool. When you know the purpose you can choose the thickness, length, and material accordingly. 

We would recommend you to invest in a high carbon steel machete with a wooden handle. It might cost you a bit more in comparison to other materials but trust us, you won’t regret the investment ever. Choosing the right measurements, materials and brand is absolutely necessary. So, why are your machete? Do keep us posted!