Best Hunting Day Pack: Guide + Review for 2023

best hunting daypack

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If you recognize yourself in these lines and think to try your luck with hunting, you are in the right place! Many people who are just at the beginning of their hunting experiences often forget to think about everything that hunting implies. That said, they often focus on the very act therefore, they think about the weapon they need, and so on. But besides the actual hunt, there are many other things you need to consider, and on top of your list should be the best hunting day pack.

You see, hunting is not just about killing the animal! Unless you plan to leave it in the woods (we don’t see how this would make any sense), you have to think about the method to carry the meet. Since you will have to spend a lot of time hiking with a heavy load, we believe hunters day pack is an ideal solution. 

Now, if you visit the specialized shops or websites, you will see a wide selection of the best hunting packs. That makes a choice a bit complicated when you are a beginner as there are many features you need to understand to be able to decide which model suits your particular needs. But there is no reason for worrying! We talked about it with experienced hunters as well as other experts and compiled these hunting day pack reviews to help you out.

Top 7 Best Hunting Day Packs: Comparison Chart


Brand Capacity Fabric Weight
ALPS OutdoorZ 37 liters Polyester 1 pound
Badlands 37 liters KXO-50 5 pounds
SITKA Gear 29.5 liters n/a 2.5 pounds
MARCHWAY n/a 100D water repellent nylon n/a
Timber Hawk 25.7 liters n/a 2.4 pounds
SOG Specialty Knives & Tools 24.2 liters Water repellent 1.94 pounds
Fieldline 28.2 liters Polyester 1.59 pounds

Hunting Day Pack Types Explained 

hunting daypack essentials

As we said, there are a lot of things you have to consider before buying the best hunting day pack. Which one you will choose depends largely on where, how, and what you are going to hunt. Also, as the load you will carry on your back is going to be rather heavy, you have to make sure to be comfortable, but also that there is space for everything you need. You also need to consider the weather conditions and the distance you are planning to cover.

On the market, you can find three kinds of hunting day pack. Let’s see what we can learn about them and how that can help us in search for the best one.

External (Exposed) Frame

As you can imagine, the external frame pack has a frame on the outside of the backpack.  If you are carrying a heavy load, then this hunting day pack is ideal for you. It is designed to provide better and more even weight distribution. Furthermore, they are a good option because strong aluminum support enables you to keep the back straight while walking with all that stuff. Some people think that the sticking frame makes them uncomfortable, but this is a misconception. Frame prevents the backpack to come in contact with the skin and causes irritation of some kind.

Various manufacturers make different shapes of these daypacks for hunting – S-shaped and straight shaped are the most common.  The great thing about them is that they come with a removable frame so you can use them as a frameless backpack. The main downside is that some people see them as too big and inappropriate if you are not hunting big game. Main advantages are:

  • Good weight distribution
  • Doesn’t cause skin irritation
  • Good back support

Internal (Built-in) Frame

Hunters’ backpack with an internal frame is easy to carry and convenient. Frame as the name implies is inside the backpack, and unless you know, it is unlikely you can guess it is made of aluminum.  This type of day pack is preferred among hunters because it is simple to put in on as well as take it off. They are also quite practical for moving through thick bushes.  You can use them as a daily backpack for other things because of the inside frame, and nobody will know its primary purpose. They are of course not as spacious as those with an external frame and thus are better if you are after a smaller game. Since there is no frame outside, it is much more common that this backpack comes in contact with your skin. 

Frameless Models

In the end, there are frameless day packs. They are the cheapest on the market, and this is why you will see a lot of hunters choosing exactly them, although they are not one bit comfortable as the previous two models. Moreover, as there is no support whatsoever, it is harder to carry heavy things. They are spacious enough to put everything you need and very simple to put on or off your back.

Features to Look for

Size and Weight

You probably already know these two features are important factors when you are choosing this product regardless of whether you are looking for the best day pack for elk hunting or some other game. In every case, you need to have a day pack that is spacious enough for you to put all the necessities.  Therefore we recommend you put this on top of the list of things to check when buying this backpack. Also, think about how much you are going to walk and check the weight accordingly. 


  • Nylon: When you don’t have a lot of experience, nylon is probably not the first that would come to your mind as an appropriate material for hunting day packs. However, nylon is strong and durable, and as such an excellent option for making bags designed for carrying heavy things. It is also practical for harsher weather conditions as it dries very quickly.  It also provides adequate UV protection. Besides the standard option, there is also more advanced nylon, called Rip-Stop that is even more resistant.
  • Polyester: Polyester isn’t very different from nylon in general. Moreover, manufacturers keep on using the latest technologies to improve their quality. Backpacks made of polyester are also durable, rain and sun resistant, and strong enough to carry a heavy load.
  • Canvas: Canvas is the best-looking material for backpacks. It is also used first. Canvas is equally strong and durable but doesn’t provide adequate UV protection and takes longer to dry.


Whether you are buying for bow hunting day pack or another one, you will need to think about the weight you are planning to carry.  If you plan to hunt big game and thus carry a heavy load, you will need to look for models with appropriate hip straps and waist belts. 


Hunting backpacks are known for having a bunch of pockets. It is highly convenient as you can put all your necessities in one place. Pay attention that the pockets come with high-quality, durable zippers to avoid losing things.

Compartments and Pockets 

These backpacks are popular because of all their pockets and compartments.  The external pockets are great for keeping the things you need to access quickly, such as first aid kit. Internal pockets are designed to carry the meat, sleeping bags, and so on. 

Other Features 

  • Extra compartment for an additional sleeping bag
  • Holders for rifle/bow boots
  • Rain protection

Essential Items To Bring on Your Hunt

  • Food – good things to bring are freeze-dried meals, energy bars, jerky, etc. 
  • Sleeping equipment – sleeping bag, mats, etc
  • Water  
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit 
  • Knife


As you can see from everything we mentioned, there are many significant factors that you need to consider when deciding the model of hunting day pack you are going to buy.  There are so many fantastic options out there, and we understand that choosing the best hunting day pack 2023 isn’t a simple task. Our team decided to give the first place to ALPS OutdoorZ as its day pack made with exceptionally durable polyester and features a lot of pockets. Moreover, it is comfortable and provides good back support. Bear in mind that the models we talked about today are designed only for one-day trips. Therefore. if you are planning to spend more time outdoors look for something more suitable.