Top Rated SKS Mounts for Your Perfect Shoot

top sks scope mounts on the market

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SKS rifle is famous and renowned, with its origin dating back to the early 1940s and is still utilized to date. It is deserving of better positions in History. With numerous techs, even the old school SKS can perform better with the best SKS scope mount.   

SKS stands for Samozaryadny Karabin Sistemy Simonova. This translates from Russian as Simonov system’s self-loading carbine. These have been in service for over 70 years and have proven to be outstanding and reliable rifles.  

And in this article, we’ll give you an in-depth insight into this Russian rifle as well as the best SKS scope mount brands you need to know about.

This rifle has a fascinating and respectable history. SKS was made as a replacement for Soviet Union’s Imperial Russian Mosin Nagant. SKS production began in 1945. It was an upgrade of the previously famous AVS-36 rifle. AVS-36 utilized a similarly powerful 7.62x54mmR cartridge type, and it possessed an impressive magazine capacity, unlike the Mosin Nagant. However, gunsmiths preferred to make a better and reliable rifle, a rifle that could perform well in short World War II battles via a sturdy 7.62x39mm round.

Currently, SKS can be used for hunting and plinking. It is trendy despite lacking Even without the modern scope mounts, this is a really popular weapon. All thanks to it’s low price, ubiquitousness, and easy accessibility. It’s a versatile choice for weapon enthusiasts. 

Top 5 Best SKS Rifle Scope Mounts: Comparison Chart

Brand Material Dimensions Weight
MATT Aluminum 5.3 x 2.5 x 2.2 inches 12.8 ounces
Magwedge Aluminum 12.28 x 2.83 x 1.81 inches 6.35 ounces
AR-GEAR Aluminum 5.3 x 2.5 x 2.2 inches 9.6 ounces
BadAce Steel 12.99 x 1.57 x 0.98 inches 3.52 ounces
Matador Arms Aluminum 11.89 x 5.79 x 1.65 inches 5.64 ounces

SKS Rifle With Scope: A Brief Overview

Nothing eases shooting rifles than adding an optic. You will not force your eyes to align into three objects; the target, front sight, and the rear. Instead, you will focus only on the front sight. This is because the best mount scope joins these three objects into one visual plane. Using a good optic will increase your rifle capability only if you mount it correctly.  

The 7.62x39mm scope is a courtesy of the lower recoil. Besides, it possesses a non-detachable 10 round magazine that’s loaded through stripper clips. In comparison to Mosin Nagant, SKS possesses twice the magazine capacity. This rifle is also easy to manufacture and maintain, and it also has a perfect ruggedness. 

Currently, SKS has a great civilian market following wherein it is utilized as a hunting rifle as well as a pinker. Its low price and ubiquity render it easily accessible for a lot of shooters. Besides, it has a nice mated foldable bayonet underneath the barrel, which swings 1800 outward as well as clipping into place. 

All in all, the SKS rifle is reliable and accurate. Plus, you can enhance the accuracy by interpolating a scope. Just keep in mind that Russian rifles don’t cotton to optics. Thus to enhance your SKS’ capabilities of target acquisition, it’s smarter to purchase the best SKS mount scope separately.

That said, here are some quick Soviet designated rifle facts: 

  • Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov initially established it in 1943
  • It is popular in several countries as a marksmanship and hunting semi-automatic rifle
  • The ammunition is 7.62x39mm rounds
  • Very popular in Canada and the USA
  • There are a plethora of SKS variations worldwide

What Are the Benefits of Upgrading the SKS Scope Mount?

By enhancing your SKS rifle’s scope mount, you’re adding some new customization options. If your SKS lacks a scope, then you need to purchase the best scope mount. This will allow you to upgrade your rifle’s efficiency and gain precision. 

Plus, there are several reasons why you need to upgrade to the best SKS scope mount in 2023:

Utilization of accessories: By upgrading your best scope mount, you can add many accessories to your SKS, like flashlights and adding lasers to your scope.

Safety: You will be ensuring safety by adding an SKS side scope mount. It is noteworthy that other SKS scope mounts have a deflector that safeguards your face from the cartridges that are spent off when you’re shooting.  

Stability: Interpolating a solid and sturdy mount to an SKS rifle offers you a sturdy scope platform. AD mounts permit you to adjust the eye relief as well as the height of the scope. By doing so, you can possess a comfortable and proper shooting position. 

Accuracy: The best scope mounts grant extra accuracy and precision. By upgrading, you will effortlessly zero in. Some models possess see-thru based designs to aid you in using the mounted scope’s iron sights. You will also mitigate cases of dried-out batteries and broken scopes.   

Scoring Better: It doesn’t matter if you are using it in a competition or field: your scoring will be much improved.

5 Best Sks Scope Mount Notable Brands Review

A lot of companies produce rifle scopes, but not all of them can be considered the best. However, some brands stand out because of their high quality and good user reviews. 

Some notable and popular options include:


Starting the list is China North Industries Corporation, which is abbreviated officially as NORINCO. It is good in manufacturing military ammunition, explosives, and blast materials. It is China’s primary export-import company for arms and has an interesting history too. In regards to their scopes, they are reliable and of high quality. You can shoot severally without issues. Unfortunately, initially, it faced some restrictions in 1993 and was sanctioned in August 2003 by Bush’s administration for selling weapons to the Iranians.

Key Features

  • Chinese-based company
  • Famous for producing defense ammunitions
  • All their products are of high quality
  • Produce very reliable sks scopes and other products

Overall Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Good quality
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Some complaints with their magazines
  • Banned 


Yugo company still holds up despite its unpopular dark history. Zastava owns Yugo SKS, and it can pair perfectly with Russian and .308 rifles

Key Features

  • Their rifles are still frequently used
  • Produce a plethora of products, including rifles and cars 

Overall Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Simple to handle
  • You can plink well with their SKS
  • Reliable
  • Heavyweight
  • Requires gas system
  • SKS doesn’t have a chrome -lined barrel


It is typically a famous Multinational Japanese based corporation that specializes in imaging and optic products. Nikon offers several quality products like rangefinders, binoculars, spotting, and even rifle scopes. Sadly, they have ceased making rifle scopes.

Key Features

  • Famous Japanese based corporation
  • Offer a plethora of products
  • Great products at great prices

Overall Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Impeccable SKS scopes
  • Perfect image quality
  • Light transmission and focus is simple
  • Top notch treacherous products
  • Stopped making rifle scopes


Leupold & Stevens, Inc. is typically famous for manufacturing eyewear, spotting scopes, rangefinders, red dot sights as well as telescopic sights. It is a family-owned company that started back in 1907 and is located in Oregon, USA. It was also the first company to produce scopes that are fog proof. 

Key Features

  • Family-based company in USA
  • Manufacture various products
  • Have good optics

Overall Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Great quality
  • Value for your money
  • All their products including the rifle scopes are popular and vastly used
  • The products are not cheap


This company, owned by Vista Outdoor Inc, is good at producing high-value and high-quality binoculars and riflescopes. It started in Arkansas in 1983. Sportspeople and hunters rely on Simmons for impressive rugged durability and optical innovation. Their product portfolio shows many products like trail cameras, rangefinders, spotting scopes, et al. 


  • Arkansas based company
  • Offer several innovative and enviable accurate products

Overall Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Reliable and top notch products
  • Their rifle scopes are durable and accurate
  • Good combination of quality and price
  • Sometimes zero might not drift

What Are the Qualities to Look for in SKS Scope Mounts?

Getting the best deal out there is not a simple task, and that is why this best SKS scope mount buying guide will help you make the most considerate and good choice. 

Rear vs. Forward Placement Mounts

The scope mount’s location is an essential factor to consider. Regardless of your preferred mount, it will determine the scope type that you will install. They both have their advantages and disadvantages too:

  • Forward Mount: Installation is the main advantage of this scope type – it’s straightforward and fast. You can also replace the iron sights with a good rail or even attach it to the screws located in Chinese Type 56 stocks. These options will not destroy your rifle and will provide a sturdy base. However, you will have limited opportunities because you can only pair your rifle with an SKS scout scope mount or an SKS red dot scope mount.  
  • Rear Mount: This type is traditionally accustomed to most rifles. With the help of some of the best rear mounts, you can utilize any optic type. Plus, you may mount it on the receiver or replace its cover. Just keep in mind that while it’s effortless to mount, it is rather costly. On the other hand, changing the receiver cover on the rare requires extensive filing.

It is noteworthy that you need to purchase the best SKS scope with the dimensions compatible with your SKS model. For instance, the above mentioned Chinese Type 56 requires a specific scope mount type courtesy of its peculiar structure.

Weight and Length 

Undeniably SKS is a great weapon that can be the best hunting rifle, with some upgrades. Usually, SKS rifles tend to fire about 7.62x39mm rounds; hence they’re best for big and small games. What this means is that you should carry it for a long in case you are hunting. To ease the hectic task, you should get scope mounts that are lightweight and accurate. The SKS’ loading mechanism needs the best scope mount, which shouldn’t interfere with the ejector port and bolt. To find the best height ring, you need to calculate half of the objective bell correctly which you find the height from the middle to the bottom of the ring mount.

 Ideally, you will need the best ring mount’s height that’s slightly half above the rifle scope. Besides, should you need to maintain the top loadings’ capabilities, or even utilize the stripper clips, you will require a bit shorter mount that won’t block the bolts. Search for a scope mount that is versatile and satisfies all your needs. 

Also, a perfect weight will compensate for a rifle’s and scope’s weight too. If you’re concerned about the bulkiness and weight, the standard 40mm lens is a great one. They usually are 12 to 15 ounces. However, if you can endure a few more in the 16 to 21+ ounce range, then scaling to 50+mm lens. That way, you will have a well balanced and stable unit that will help you aim better. Also, your rifle won’t topple over.          


Scope mount materials need to be durable in order to withstand jerks and recoil. Durable products will mitigate the scope from damage as a result of rough handling or heavy recoil.  It will also enable the mount to hold zero for long. All the lasers, illuminators, backup sights, night vision mounts, angle cosine indicator need to be durable. 


A lot of scope mounts typically feature weaver or Picatinny designation type. Weaver designs provide a low profile, whereas the Picatinny are versatile. Other scope mounts also have a see-through design, which allows you to utilize iron sights well without the need for detaching the scope. 


A scope’s fitting is important too. Your ideal scope mount has to fit perfectly with an SKS. Look for products whose designs can be customizable for your SKS variability. Also, remember that your best scope mount should fit well without too much engineering or change.  

Are All SKS Mounts the Same? 

Not really. They have been in usage for over 70 years, and over that period, the SKS’ production specifications, materials, locations have altered. 

Nowadays they vary in:

  • Installation ease: The installation ease differs in various scopes. Some scope mounts may need drilling and taping of the receivers, while others might need some screws to mount. The best scope mount needn’t require you to make changes or modifications to operate, although modification will sometimes be necessary when using TAPCO scopes. 
  • Ease of utilization and mounting options: To assist in effortless scope attachment, the best SKS scope mounts provide Picatinny or weaver rails. These rails’ featured mounts provide versatility and ease of attaching additional accessories to your rifle. Also, the scope shouldn’t be too long that it gets to block the SKS’ loading point. 

Types of Mounts for the SKS

It is noteworthy that this gun was existential, dating back to the early 40s. Therefore there are no numerous mounting options available, and those that exist can be either very expensive or hard to install. Nonetheless, the best scout scope can mitigate these problems. 

Some of the main scope types are:

Receiver Cover Replacements

This is an inexpensive option that will allow you to effortlessly mount traditional scopes. On the other hand, these are really hard to use because they need a plethora of filing to accurately mount.

Forward Stock Mounts

This type uses the screws in the SKS to properly secure the rails. The forward stock mount is highly secure, but the only drawback is that it’s only used on Type 56 Chinese rifles. With this mount type, you will have to use your scope mount without detaching the rails when you are cleaning it. 

SKS Type 56 Mad Max Fury Road
Furiosa (Charlize Theron) with the Type 56 SKS in Mad Max: Fury Road

Receiver Mounts  

Mounts that go directly above the receivers are top-rated in the market since they can reflect the brass away. It’s possible to utilize any scope or red dot with receiver mounts. And they are also very secure and have long rails. The downside is that they are relatively expensive and require detaching when in need of cleaning. Also, they halt the stripper clip usage.

Iron Sight Replacements

Mounts that replace iron sights are cheap and straightforward to install. You can use this mounting type if you have a red mount. 

Mounting SKS Scopes: Basic Tips

Mounting a scope is easy but you need to be careful to avoid missing any step.  

  • Countercheck the screw threads: How clean the threads are will determine your scope moun’s quality. So remember to clean the threads using a microfiber cloth to avoid any trouble later. 
  • Mounting rings:  Mount your rings when you are precisely mounting the sight or scope. Ensure everything is perfectly aligned. 
  • Accurate torque is vital: The force may change, depending on the sight, scope, or rings to install. Also, remember that the torque needs to be sufficiently tight to ensure a secure mount. Typically it always ranges from over 15’’ to 65’’ / pound for proper sight or scope stabilization. This will hold your scope as well as safeguard it from experiencing damage. 
  • Scope adjusting is for the eye relief: Always adjust to avoid your scope smacking your face when shooting. Eye relief typically is the distance to the needed field of view (FOV) from your eyes. Ensure your eyes are safe always without even compromising the point of view (POV).  


Investing in the best SKS scope mount is an excellent idea. This is because it will add more experience into your shooting. Nonetheless, this experience depends on your trusted scope type. Select one practically, which will satiate your needs. 

Just remember that when buying an SKS scope mount, you need to take a number of factors into consideration: alignment, fit, durability, weight, design, and cost.

Purchasing an SKS scope may be a fret because there are many options in the market currently. However, with our guide and review, we hope that now you will have an easier time making your choice.