Best Throwing Knives

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Why are best throwing knives good? Because you will not hide from them! If of course, the best throwing knives fly from the hands of a professional. A good balance, minimalist handle, and extensive functionality: we tried to choose best throwing knives of the world, suitable for these characteristics.


What Is It?

Throwing knives are a metal plate with a pointed end. The concept of a blade or handle is arbitrary. There are many designs without it. A handle looks like a continuation of the blade and is separated either by a small notch or a slightly protruding base. The blade has a leaf-like shape with the front edge sharpening, the handle is separated by a slight lowering, there is a hole for fastening the lanyard on its end. The knife is made of ordinary carbon steel of high hardness. For more accurate alignment, some designs have special grooves. Thanks to such weights, the knife can theoretically be adjusted. Weights in large knives are located on the blade and handle, in small models – only on the blade.

The handle is practically not separated. The knives are maximally adapted only for throwing, but in practice, there are some benefits from all these balancers, as well as they may limit the depth of the blade entry. This type is still a kind of sports equipment and does not have effective combat use. A distinctive feature is a fairly wide blade, which inflicts a wide wound.

When choosing, think about the purpose of use – for hunting or for self-defense. Do you want a sharp knife with a blade and handle made of the same material which easily flies out when you throw it? Do you want the weight to be balanced between the blade and the handle? Finally, would you like it to be exactly as long as you wish? Longer, heavier knives are thrown easier and hit the target harder, but their radius of action is limited.

What Is the Choice for Beginners?

If you still do not have enough experience you can buy the simplest specialized knife with a blade width of up to 30 mm and a length of up to 300 mm. You can choose a long knife to learn the mechanics of rotations. If you decide to buy a professional throwing knife to maximize your skills, then great attention should be paid to steel blades.

Important parameters are the wear resistance and plasticity of the manufacturing metal, which must be of excellent quality and heat treated to ensure good safety of the blade even after numerous pieces of training. Gil Hibben Cord Wrapped can be your perfect choice. It is better to contact a reliable store, ready to provide all the necessary certificates, and confirm the quality, long life of their products.

  How Deadly Is a Thrown Knife?

Throwing a knife allows you to hit the enemy, without contact. The most effective distance is 5-6 steps (3.5-4.5 meters). In this case, the enemy receives a blow, has no time to dodge, deviate, close, crouch, fall.

Perfect Length

The optimal length of the best knife is 25-30 cm, width 2.5-3 cm, thickness 3-5 mm. This may be a strip of steel, sharpened at one end. You will not feel a short knife in your hand, longer ones may turn out to be too heavy for you.

Can You Throw Any Knife?

Each type of knife is designed for a specific task

Why do manufacturers produce models? There are two reasons

    • Throwing weapon should have a high level of toughness, should be able to bare with large dynamic loads and mechanical effects When throwing, it may burst, or they will have a chipped cutting edge. Knives are made of a more ductile metal, which will not crumble. Steel blades don’t blend.
    • The main success depends on the right choice
    • The perfect one has a comfortable shape and are well-balanced. They are easy to use and hit the goal more often


The classification can be made by their weight. This parameter depends on the length of the knife, the thickness, and width of the blade:


These items can be called knives-darts, or sometimes knives-arrowheads. They are light and fly far changing the trajectory of the wind. In this regard, the knife can be used for home workouts. And as a target, you can use a cheap circle of darts.


They are good to use just for the first workouts. It’s recommended to start with relatively light one to learn the basic technique. Length varies from 16-22 cm, and the blade length is 8-11 cm. Weight is usually 50-80 grams.

Average Weight

Used in the process of training. Weight ranges from 120-200 g. Length 200-250 mm. Blade thickness is 3-4 mm; blade length is 100-150 mm.


Designed for those who prefer a solid knife weight. Used for throwing at long distances, approximately 265-300 mm in length, with a blade length of 150-185 mm. Butt thickness, depending on the length of the knife is 5-6 mm. An example of heavy variants is a bowie knife.


Year by year, the number of throwing knife fans is increasing. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the metal and the shape of the blade, the convenience of the handle and balance.

When there is a “visual” experience, it is much easier to make a choice.

Experts suggest paying attention to the following criteria:


Solid, made from one steel piece – “Full tang”. There is also a weapon “tailored” in other ways, but it is contraindicated for beginners.

Smooth Handle

An important condition for a suitable knife is the absence of any lining on its handle: while throwing it can easily be damaged. Cuts, holes are made to facilitate the handle, and they serve as a decoration.

Optimum Weight

For a beginner, 200-250 g is a good weight.

Convenient Size

Choose models with a length of no more than 30 cm and a width in the range of 25-30 mm. It will allow you to control the rotation in flight quickly and easily.

Balanced in Length

Determine which part of the weapon “contains” the equilibrium point. To do this, put a knife on the finger – if it is balanced and does not fall, then the desired is found. For beginners an equilibrium point at the very center are suitable

No Cutting Edge

The strongly sharpened knife can be a formidable weapon, dangerous for its owner. One careless movement and cuts are guaranteed.

Quantity in the Set

The set should include at least three knives of the same type: you will not have to be distracted from throwing, running all the time to the target.


You should buy it yourself. On the Internet, there are models with completely unusual blades, but it is not recommended to begin training with them. It is possible to acquire two different types changing them depending on the practiced throw distance. We recommend you try United Cutlery GH2033 Gil Hibben, the most versatile available on the market. It is an interesting sport that develops attention and coordination.