A Detailed Guide on 350 Legend vs 300 Blackout

350 legend vs 300 blackout cartridge comparison

Winchester Ammunition introduced the 350 Legend in 2019 and it was accepted by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute. This versatile cartridge has multiple uses. It is primarily designed for 350 Legend is the best suited for AR-style platforms […]

Best Hunting Pants for New Hunters in 2021

top pants for hunting

Many people like to spend their time in the great outdoors and get close to wildlife. In the United States alone, around 101.6 million people engaged in wildlife-related activities back in 2016. These activities included hunting and fishing. This only […]

Best Buck Lure Review With Ultimate Buying Guide

best buck lures on the market

Experienced hunters will know that deers can detect them even before they can see them. These animals have an amazing sense of smell, so they alert themselves away from human predators. To avoid this, we recommend using a deer scent […]

Walther P22 Pistol – Complete Review

walther p22

Are you attracted by the idea of going to the shooting range?  Nowadays, a lot of people think that it can be useful to know how to shoot, mainly for the purposes of self-defense. But then there is a question […]

Best Hunting Day Pack: Guide + Review for 2021

best hunting daypack

If you recognize yourself in these lines and think to try your luck with hunting, you are in the right place! Many people who are just at the beginning of their hunting experiences often forget to think about everything that […]