Walther P22 Pistol – Complete Review

walther p22 pistol reviews

Are you attracted by the idea of going to the shooting range?Β  Nowadays, a lot of people think that it can be useful to know how to shoot, mainly for the purposes of self-defense. But then there is a question […]

Best Hunting Day Pack : Guide + Review for 2020

best hunting daypack

If you recognize yourself in these lines and think to try your luck with hunting, you are in the right place! Many people who are just at the beginning of their hunting experiences often forget to think about everything that […]


The first aid kit is one of the crucial elements that can make the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. For this reason, it needs to be well-organized, and all the contents are easily accessible. There is […]

DIY Alcohol Stove: 8 Steps With Pictures (+Fuel Test!)

alcohol stove diy

Any kind of outdoor activity demands ultra light-weight backpacks. Be it for a hunting trip, hiking or trekking, alcohol stoves (aka pop-can stoves) are every outdoor adventurist’s favorite. Its simplicity to operate, build and its efficiency along with its ultra-lightweight […]

How to Waterproof (Weatherproof) a Tent

how to waterproof a tent

What are your plans this coming weekend? If you have a scheduled activity, that’s fine. Well, the weather this coming weekend will be excellent for outdoor activity (or maybe not – so that’s why we’re talking here about how to […]