Best 1911 Under $1000: Which Handgun to Pick?

1911 has made a historical impact in the world of firearms. After more than a century after its creation, it still remains one of the most widely used guns. Whether you need a handgun for recreational shooting, competitions, hunting, or […]

Most Powerful Rifles: What Are They?

most powerful rifles

Rifles are becoming popular for their versatility and accuracy. They are also powerful and that is why they are used by the military and hunters alike. And the United States has been home to some of the most powerful firearms […]

A Guide to Guns Used in John Wick

john wick weapon

John Wick is an action-movie franchise that has gathered lots of loyal fans. The three films showcase awesome actors, cool cars, and of course, lots of powerful guns. Imagine what it would feel to own the massive arsenal of John […]

Top Rated SKS Mounts for Your Perfect Shoot

top sks scope mounts on the market

SKS rifle is famous and renowned, with its origin dating back to the early 1940s and is still utilized to date. It is deserving of better positions in History. With numerous techs, even the old school SKS can perform better […]

A Detailed Guide on 350 Legend vs 300 Blackout

350 legend vs 300 blackout cartridge comparison

Winchester Ammunition introduced the 350 Legend in 2019 and it was accepted by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute. This versatile cartridge has multiple uses. It is primarily designed for 350 Legend is the best suited for AR-style platforms […]