Best Buck Lure Review With Ultimate Buying Guide

best buck lures on the market

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Experienced hunters will know that deers can detect them even before they can see them. These animals have an amazing sense of smell, so they alert themselves away from human predators. To avoid this, we recommend using a deer scent to mask any odors that could alert your presence to the prey. Here’s a comprehensive guide that will help you to choose the best buck lure. 

Top 7 Best Buck Lures: Comparison Table

Product Lure Type Product Type Seasons to Use In Volume
Conquest Scents Vs-1 Deer Scent Stick Estrus scent Stick Pre-rut, rut, post-rut 2.5 oz
Nationwide Scent Buck Urine Deer Attractant Buck urine scent Spray Early, rut, late 8 oz
Tink’s Trophy 100% Buck Urine Buck urine scent Mini bomb Early, pre-rut 1 oz
Outdoor Hunting Lab Hot Doe Estrus Buck Attractant Estrus scent Spray Early, rut, late 4 oz
Nature’s Secret Doe Estrus Estrus scent Spray Early, rut, late 4 oz
Code Blue Actual Urine Tarsal gland scent Spray n/a 2 oz
Jackies Deer Lures Mock Scrape Scent Bottle n/a 2 lb

What Does Deer Scent Stand for?

The hardest challenge for a hunter is to coax a buck into range for a clean shot. However, with a good quality deer scent in your hunting arsenal, this job can be fairly straightforward. Deer lures that work are urine-based solutions that through luring in prey, help hunters achieve a good hunting season. Doe and buck urine, as well as doe estrous, are different sources of deer fragrances.

What Is Its Working Type? 

The sole purpose of deer hunting scents is to attract deer to the bait: generally scrape or dripper. A hunter who knows their ropes will know how to lay a scent trail in advance. For the hunter to get a clean shot the deer scent needs to be applied properly. However, it is not a hundred percent guarantee that the buck of a lifetime will come your way just because you’re using deer scent. They have to be present in your hunting vicinity to be harvested by you. 

Types of Deer Scents

Urine of Doe or Buck  

This is simply urine from a deer on an average day. Very helpful in calming a deer’s nerves and raising its curiosity as it attracts a new deer in that area. This scent can be used throughout an entire hunting season, as the deer pee in the woods all the time. It’s also very effective as a cover scent because it is a very basic popular scent. However, when combined with other scents it becomes a powerful attractant. 

Estrous Scent of Doe 

This scent is a bit special, the best doe estrus is kept in the heat. Warm conditions stimulate chemistry, which communicates to nearby bucks that she is prepared to mate. This is used at the beginning or end of a typical rut period to attract the buck. 

Tarsal Gland Scent of Buck

When bucks urinate, they hold their back legs together. This causes the urine to flow down the tarsal glands. These are the stained patch of fur present around the inside of the deer’s knees. Urine mixes with the oily secretions and hormones to form a unique smell, which then distinguishes the buck. This is one of the best buck lure out there. 

Forehead Gland Scent

After a buck makes a scrape, the first thing he does is look for a spot under a licking branch. 

He scrapes the ground with his hooves, urinates in it, and then rubs his forehead and eyes against the branch. As a result, the essence, or the buck scent from the preorbital gland, and forehead gland is released. This scent is used preferably during the pre-rut to peak rut season. 

How Will You Choose Best Buck Lure?

If it is Early Season, Choose Pre Rut

It is absolutely essential to be careful with your buck lures, especially during the early whitetail hunting season. Since it’s early season, the last thing you’d want to do is spook the deer off with something unnatural, which is why it’s recommended that you use ordinary doe urine during this time. Avoid using doe scent before the natural breeding time of the deer. Even the best estrous scent is useless in this period. 

In the Middle of the Season? Go for Peak Rut

This season asks for copious amounts of estrus urine to lure in bucks.  Buck lures that work contains peak estrogen level that replicates a doe in heat and instantly attracts buck. You can also infuse it with simple doe urine or some glands. 

Choose Post Rut If It is the Late Season

The late-season is the perfect time to polish your whitetail deer hunting tactics and to buck up for the next year and find the best deer attractant. After the rut season is over, deer is mostly focused on food, and therefore you can take the liberty of using simple doe urine again. Although the second rut season kicks again pretty soon within almost one month, it is less likely to be as wild as the first one. 

Guide to Use Deer Scent

There is more than one way to use deer scents. Some spray it in mock scrapes, others make a scent drag and drag it behind them with a string. You can also use boot pads, these are pieces of fabric, which stick to your boots. They are absorbent and can absorb the deer scent. These pads attach to the boot with a band, and just by walking a short distance to the tree stand, you can leave behind a fragrance enticing enough for a deer to follow. 

Below are described in detail methods:

Go with a Mock Scrape

When the time is right, find the nearest scraping funnel and get to work. The first step is to loosen a piece of ground; you can easily do this with a branch. The next thing you need to do is set up the bait and ensure that the droplets fall stably to the ground. Deer need minerals to function and for horn development, so they will keep coming back and forth to the bait and, in the process, attract more deer. 

Use a Scent Trail

Special deer lures and scents contain synthesized pheromones, semen, and musk that are similar to those released during the spring rut. The best use of the perfumed lure is to first spray the shoes two or three times or spray the trees around you on the way to the hunting ambush, creating a scent trail. Then you need to spray the baits and hang them on branches and shrubs around the place you are located. 

Choose a Scented Decoy

Another good way to attract a deer is to use a decoy. You should water the decoy bait with the doe estrus scent to improve the impact of realism. However, note that decoys are used to ensure that the attention of the deer is focused on the bait itself and not you. So, if you’re using a decoy, please ensure you’re capable of shooting the deer before it gets distracted.

Go for Scented Bombs

A scent bomb is the most effective and easy way to spread a scent when hunting. There is a super-absorbing fuse inside the bomb that emits the smell of a doe, sensed by the deer. To use this bomb, first, you need to fill the bomb with the scented bait. After this, put the cover back on and hang the bomb on a tree or bush. After that slip the hanger back into the bomb when the search is done and close the sealed lid. 

This bomb is also a very effective yard marker. 

Use Boot Pads

This can be more useful when your hands are full, similar to a scent-trailing system. You can attract a deer to the place you are hiding using these scented boot pads. Cover your boot pads with, for example, a doe estrus urine scented substance and construct a trail to your trap. 

Go with Gel or a Stick

This is by far one of the most convenient and easy ways to lure a deer: by using a stick with doe estrus scent. It’s worth the try, even though it may seem confusing. A stick with the vaginal secretions of a doe will last for a long period and will be great throughout the rut, pre-rut, and post-rut season. 

Choose Sprays or Wicks

For many purposes, scent wicks and sprays can be utilized. The first is to disguise the human smell when you’re hunting. The second is to draw a deer to your stand, using a scented mist. It’s one of the deer traps that does not need an expert to execute. Sprays can also be used to bring out sexual breeding activity in mature bucks.

What is the Working Type in Nature? 

The effectiveness of the scent depends on weather conditions. For example, the slightest breeze carries the odor a long distance. Stormy wind spreads the odor, so it is hard for the deer to identify the location of it. Whether the air is warm or cool, the scent can move uphill or downhill. On a rainy day, it is almost impossible for the deer to smell the scent. If the scent is applied above the ground, that is also a problem for the deer.

Final Words – Best Buck Lure in 2023

Now that you all about deer scent, keep these guidelines in mind and have fun this hunting season! Before you make the purchase, make sure you buy high quality, effective and the best deer scent suited to your needs. Our personal recommendation for best buck lure 2023 would be the Conquest Scents Vs-1 Deer Scent StickIt’s abundant in the market, cheap and easy to use, and is very effective according to customer deer scent reviews. Go grab yours now!