A Detailed Guide for You to Buy the Best Multi-Caliber Suppressor Within Your Budget

best suppressor for multiple calibers

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  Blasting firearms in our backyard might not be a good idea. The ear-shattering noise can lead to some arguments with neighbors, or worse, reduce your hearing ability. This is why a suppressor is a good purchase. It also has good investment value. In the firearms market at present, silencers are becoming increasingly in demand. The American Suppressor Association confirmed in 2018 that they’ve registered an estimated number of 1,554,000 silencers. And what’s even better for your investment, than having a silencer that works with all your weapons? So, read on to know more about the best multi-caliber suppressor.

What is a multi-caliber suppressor?

We know that silencers can reduce the sound of a gunshot and the intensity of the recoil, and a multi-caliber suppressor is its advanced form. How does this work? You can mount it on a variety of firearms, such as pistols and rifles with center-fire builds and rim-fire arms. These have been manufactured to fit not just a .22 caliber firearm but also a .300 Win Mag.

Other Types of Suppressor

Suppressors are divided into 2 types, based on the host gun and the function they’re designed for. Based on the type of host gun used, silencers are classified into:

  • Shotgun suppressors: ideal for hunting and skeet shooting
  • Pistol silencers: can suppress the sound caused by the recoiling of automatic shotguns
  • Rimfire suppressors: cheapest and are designed for low-power rimfire cartridges
  • Rifle silencers 

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Suppressor?

Should You Consider When Choosing A Suppressor

The weight and structure of the suppressor is a necessary factor. However, you should also consider these factors: 

Quick Detach System

For multi-caliber silencers to work, an easy detachment or adapter system is necessary. The best multi-caliber suppressor for high volume or medium volume shooting should have such a mechanism. It prevents the silencer from getting automatically loosened. There are three types of multiple caliber suppressors: passive, active (locking) and non-locking. The upside of locking suppressors is that you can mount them speedily, and the mount itself can adapt to more than one barrel threads. However, these are not exactly accurate and might require extra accessories.  A locking multi cal suppressor is ideal for semi-automatic guns. On the other hand, non-locking suppressors do not need any locking collar, but the surface friction will mount the silencer without requiring any additional equipment.

Noise Reduction

Of course, this is the primary function of any universal suppressor. The usual noise silencing rate is 14 to 15 decibels. However, the average silencing rate is estimated to be as much as 30 decibels. Silencers for a .308 rifle generally reduce the noise by 30 d B, if not more. Even ear protection gears have the same sound suppression rate.  So if, for example, the sound level blasted by your weapon is around 150 to 175 decibels, the best multi caliber rifle suppressor will reduce it to 120-160 d B. 

Easy and Fast Installation

A multi-caliber suppressor cannot function if it’s not mounted on the muzzle of the firearm. Therefore your silencer should be manufactured in such a manner that it can be easily installed without requiring much technical knowledge. The tube of the suppressor for multiple calibers should have a thread pitch, to make it versatile enough for different barrel lengths. 

Point of Impact (POI) Shift

A multi-caliber silencer can significantly impact the performance of the firearm or your grasp on the gun. It’s not always possible to shift our hands while firing. In this case, a POI shift is inevitable. Did you adjust the optics of your rifle, like adjusting the turrets so that the rifle gets zero scopes while shooting a long-range? Then, we advise you to purchase a silencer with minimum POI shift so that it won’t force you to change posture alignments, once you attach it to the firearm.


A multi-caliber silencer can have different longevity periods. It all depends on the number of rounds you shoot and the speed (whether supersonic or subsonic). Normally, a silencer should be able to withstand at least 90 rounds through, before the barrel starts eroding. A good quality barrel can support 15,000 shots. The best suppressors for multiple calibers designed to accommodate rapid-fire guns and semi-automatic firearms should be able to work smoothly from 20,000 to 30,000 rounds. Hence, make sure that the silencer outlives the barrel of the firearm. 

Materials Used and Overall Quality

The raw materials used in manufacturing a multi-caliber suppressor can affect its overall performance. According to suppressor for multiple caliber reviews, the premium quality silencers should be made only of titanium. The light mass of the metal makes it perfect for all kinds of firearms. Moreover, it cools the gases (released at high pressure from the muzzle) at a much faster rate than stainless steel or aluminum. However, the downside of titanium is the cost, hence; some people often resort to alternatives like steel and aluminum. These metals have their limitations too, however. Aluminum works good only for rimfire silencers, and the heavyweight of stainless steel makes it a poor fit for barrels of long rifles.  

Cost of the Suppressor

One of the main advantages of the best suppressor for multiple calibers is that it’s cost-effective in the long run. It will normally be a good fit for all your firearms, thus saving you money. However, the license and the tax stamp will cost a sizeable amount, and the time required to deliver is usually prolonged. Hence, seek reputed manufacturers, that provide reasonable discounts on the silencer.

Maintenance requirements

Maintenance requirements

Maintaining a silencer for multi-calibers can be quite tiresome, especially if the material collects dirt easily. Ultrasonic cleaners can’t be used for aluminum silencers but will work on ones of stainless steel. Moreover, if you’re using the suppressor on a rimfire pistol, like Walther p22, be prepared to see a lot of dirt, and to purchase a suitable cleaner.

Suppressor’s Legality in the US

suppressor legality in usa
Suppressor legality in USA (source: American Suppressor Association)

Yes, you can legally own a suppressor in the USA. To purchase or possess a silencer, you have to apply under the National Firearms Act, 1934, and get a certificate of approval from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE).  You also have to fulfill the following criteria before you can own a silencer:

  1. The minimum age limit for purchasing from dealers is 21 years.
  2. 18 years, if purchased from individual persons.
  3. Citizenship in the US.
  4. Legal clearance for buying guns and pistols.
  5. 8-10 months of BATFE background investigation clearance.
  6. Transfer tax of 200 US dollars
  7. Residency in any of the 42 US states where ownership of firearms is permitted.

Can I legally manufacture My Own Suppressor?

Making suppressors legally at home is possible. According to the US Federal law, you have to submit the device for registration and background inspection process. You also have to be aware of the provincial and state laws, to know which other procedures are required before you can finally start manufacturing. Moreover, the BATFE will give you a registration form depending on the purpose of manufacturing.  If you’re making a silencer for non-commercial purposes, you have to get a Form 1. For those having a licensed Federal firearm, the procedure is different, as they are classified as commercial manufacturers. 

Suppressor Tips

Here are a few tips on how to keep silencers in good condition for a long time:

  • Cleaning and maintenance: We advise you to purchase a suppressor that can be cleaned easily. Multi caliber silencers can be easily detached from the firearm and the removal of lube and dust build-up also gets easier. Cleaning solvents are also available in the market.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners are usually the bestUsually, the high-frequency sound waves, emitted by an ultrasonic cleaner, break up the sludge and heavy dirt particles and remove them. But only the internal parts should be cleaned with this product. Polished or finished equipment should never be subjected to a sonic bath.
  • Suppressors should not be overheated:  The more heated the suppressor gets, the faster it erodes. Hence, it should be cooled down to room temperature before a magazine is changed. 
  • Keep the silencer mounted on the firearm to maintain POI: The point of impact shift of your gun before and after installing the silencer can be hard to adjust to. Hence, look for suppressors that need a flash hider to mount instead of a direct thread mount for minimal POI adjustment.


We hope that our buying guide for the best suppressor for multiple calibers 2023 will help you choose the right one for your weapon. Before making a decision, pay attention to the quality of the material used and verify whether your dealer is authorized. We’ve evaluated several multiple caliber silencers to make the choice easier for you. Now you can safely practice shooting without any noise disrupting you and the people around.